A Report on the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in June of 2018 for Those Who Pray!


A Report on the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in June of 2018 for Those Who Pray!

As many of you know, the Lord had me busy in the month of June right in my home state of Michigan in regional conferences on revival, planned in connection with the Michigan Revival Conference.  I have surely appreciated and needed your prayers.  Here were the events in which I was involved:

  • THE MARYSVILLE CONFERENCE, held at the Victory Baptist Church of Marysville, near Port Huron, June 3-6.  Evangelist Chris Miller joined me as we preached and taught the truth about revival in these exciting days.  And God gave revival!  We saw the salvation of a sinner, the nurturing of baby Christians, and the lifting up of the saints in general.  Ask anyone.  These were great days for those who got to attend.
  • THE CLIO CONFERENCE, held at the Landmark Baptist Church of Clio, north of Flint, June 7-10.  Again, Chris Miller was with me preaching each night.  Folks from several good churches attended these meetings, and one night some of the churches had prayer meetings right there for Pentecost to happen among them.  These were separate prayer meetings in different parts of the building with people representing different congregations.  You should have seen it!
  • THE CORUNNA CONFERENCE, at Immanuel Baptist Church of Corunna, near Owosso, not too far from the capital city of Lansing, June 10-13.  Sunday morning, the conference meeting was at Landmark of Clio, and Sunday night, Brother Miller and I were over at Corunna for the beginning of the conference there.  These were phenomenal meetings, built, you would say, on what was preached in Marysville and Clio.  Of course, I got to attend all of these services, and very few others did, but if you heard them all, you would see how God had led in them.  Check out the sermons of the regional revival conferences at www.revivemichigan.com.  Several other preachers who have been touched by the fire preached in the Corunna conference, which had sessions in the daytime (organized by the host church) as well as at night.  Among them were Dr. Randy King from Wisconsin, and a tremendous preacher from Iran (Michael Germi, who reported on his unusual ministry and on ongoing awakenings in his native country).  The last service (on Wednesday night) concluded with earnest prayers (I wish you could have heard them) by the men of Immanuel crying out for God to grant His blessing and power in the special evangelistic efforts that are planned to reach Shiawassee County with the Gospel this year.  Late that night, Pastor Georges got to lead a man to Christ in an unusual divine appointment you should ask him to relate to you.
  • THE GAYLORD MEETINGS, all Sunday on June 17 at the Grace Baptist Church, morning and night, with me doing the preaching.  The regional efforts to spread the word about revival up north were held at individual churches on one day at each church.  The Gaylord meetings that kicked them off were blessed of the Lord, emphasizing prayer and faith.
  • THE LEWISTON MEETINGS, Monday the eighteenth afternoon and evening at the First Baptist Church.  We had a 3 p.m. prayer meeting and then a 7 p.m. service, attended by folks from several northern churches.  And the Lord was there.
  • THE ALPENA MEETINGS, Tuesday the nineteenth, afternoon and evening at the Lighthouse Baptist Church.  Again we had a 3 p.m. prayer meeting, and a 7 p.m. service.  The night meeting was well attended, with people responding to a sermon on “perfect love.”
  • THE ROGERS CITY MEETINGS, Wednesday the twentieth, afternoon and evening at the Rogers City Baptist Church.  Pastor Paul Williams from the Upper Peninsula came and taught us about intercessory prayer at the 3 p.m. meeting, which was followed by a revival prayer meeting.  The 7 p.m. service included folks from other churches, and the Word of God had an obvious impact on us as it was wielded as a sword by the Holy Spirit.  We noted a number of remarkable answers to prayer on this day.
  • THE BURT LAKE MEETINGS, Thursday afternoon and evening at the Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church, between Alanson and Burt Lake, Michigan.  Pastor Chatfield said the night meeting attracted the largest number of folks ever seen in the church other than for kids’ programs.  We also had the 3 p.m. prayer service, at which I taught in some depth about New Testament prayer meetings.  At 7 p.m., Pastor Jason Georges was up from Corunna and preached a really good sermon about the pouring out of the oil in Second Kings 4.  Afterwards, many Christians made decisions about commitment and faith, and one lady got saved!
  • JUNE 26 AT FIRST BAPTIST OF BRIDGEPORT: This night I got to preach from Romans 8 about being spiritually minded, and the message seemed to be well-received and helpful.  The service was part of the Tuesday-night “Summer Preaching Conference,” and also our on-going efforts for revival in this state.  Pastors and others from several churches were there.

In July, I am to preach at the Nolensville Road Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee (where our daughter Susanna is a member), on the first; in the Family Week sessions at the Bill Rice Ranch the second through the sixth; in revival meetings at the Northside Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, beginning on the twenty-second; and in a revival campaign at the Brentwood Baptist Church in Des Plaines, Illinois, which begin on the twenty-ninth.  Please pray for me and my work in July.

I also want to suggest that you pray for the Christ Life Conference led by Evangelist John Van Gelderen August 6-9 at Ann Arbor Baptist Church in Michigan, and look into registering to attend it.  They focus on making clear how to live the “Christ-Life.”  Let me also ask you to pray for the big Michigan Revival Conference to be held at First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, November 12-14.

Thank you for caring for Toni and me, and praying for our work and our lives.  We celebrated the forty-ninth anniversary of our wedding on June 28, and are in the process of preparing for our daughter’s wedding in December.  These are wonderful times, and it is good to have friends who are friends of revival sharing them with us.


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