The Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in October of 2018


The Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in October of 2018

I am sending this report to Christian friends who pray for us and for the ministry God has given us to promote revival among His people.  First, I want to look back over the month of October to tell you where I was and what I was doing in partnership with the Lord.

  • The “Old School Gathering.”  On October 1, I began the month in the upper peninsula of Michigan at the great all-day conference held annually at the Fundamental Baptist Church of Kinross.  The services began at 2 p.m., but Dr. Rader let us hold a preachers’ meeting for the Michigan Revival Conference in the church building at 1 p.m.  It was surprisingly well attended, and I trust did some real good.  Then at the opening session of the Gathering I preached to everyone on “Praying in the Holy Ghost,” and felt that the Lord was using me and making an important truth clear to His people.  This is a well-attended conference way up north each year (check the map to see where Kinross is!).  Later in the day we found that there were some 70 preachers there.  And they came from everywhere!  Anybody who attended this year’s OSG and paid attention will tell you that the theme of the day (not set by any man or announced to anyone) was the desperate need we all have to live and serve in absolute dependence on Jesus Christ. The speakers emphasized this truth from different angles.  I told Dr. Tim Rader (pastor of this remarkable church, and a true friend of revival) about half-way through the day that this year the Gathering was truly a revival conference.  Friend, you ought to get to the church website and hear the recorded messages!  You also ought to see if you can attend Old School next year.  And pray for revival in the fundamental churches of Michigan.
  • Victory Baptist Church in Marysville, MI.  Pastor Don Barth asked me to preach again in his church on Sunday, October 7, as he was still on a mission in South Africa.  As the week before, the Lord visibly moved among this unusually spiritual flock as I preached his Word.
  • RU Chapel.  While I was “home” I was asked to speak at the residence of our home church’s addictions ministry on Monday night, October 8.  The men were eager and were helped.  I love to help in Reformers Unanimous chapters any time I can, and especially love the one at First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, Michigan.
  • Ambassador Baptist College. October 10-12 I asked by Dr. Alton Beal to minister at this great Christian training center in western North Carolina when I started a journey south that would land me finally in a month of meetings in Tennessee.  I taught the ministerial students about holding prayer meetings based on Matthew 18:18-20.  I also taught some other preachers’ classed, and preached twice in the College chapels on the theme of “Discovering Christianity” from Ephesians 3:14-21.  There are students here who are praying for a revival on campus, and I hope you will pray with them for it.  Before I left North Carolina, and attended the Missions conference at Maranatha Baptist Church of Shelby, where I heard Edgar Feghaly, the phenomenal evangelist to the Middle East, and also a missionary to Papua New Guinea whose family are members at Juniata Baptist Church, Brother Ben Childs.  It was a really good night.
  • Calvary Baptist Church in McMinnville, TN.  October 14-19, I preached in a revival campaign in this wonderful church led by my friend from Ulster, Pastor Tom Fittis.  Many were ready to hear from God, and responded to the truth.  On “Youth Night,” Wednesday, we saw several saved, and others make important decisions regarding their lives.  This church gives us financial help for our needs and ministry monthly, and they pray for us. I saw God is taking them forward, and has provided for them to procure ideal property on a state highway.  They have already built “the Pavilion” on the land and use it for youth meetings and other events.  Do pray for Calvary Baptist Church and their needy town.
  • Spring Meadow Baptist Church in Franklin, TN.  October 21-26, I was happy to help at this fine church.  Bill Rice Ranch let me stay in a duplex for this effort.  It was good to work with Pastor Steven Schwanke, a true friend of mine, and see the Lord work.  We had prayer meetings every night before the service, and saw God answer.  The last night may lift the work to a higher level, based on decisions made and prayers prayed by many in the final revival service.
  • Gospel Light Baptist Church in Spring Hill, TN.  Not too far from Franklin God established this good evangelistic church a few years ago, and I was sent by God to preach there in a revival effort October 28-November 2, working with Pastor Bill Adams.  On Saturday some men joined me in a prayer meeting, and we have been seeing answers to our prayers as the week goes on.  Of course this effort continues as I send you this report.  So pray for us!

The first full week in November I will be with Toni at the Bethel Baptist Church in Jackson, TN, for a revival campaign from the fourth through the ninth.  She is flying one-way to Nashville where I will meet her on November 3.  We have served at Bethel before, and love Pastor and Mrs. Savage and their people.  Please pray earnestly that we will have revival from the Lord.  The Michigan Revival Conference begins November 12th and continues through the 14th, and so we will be driving home on Saturday after the campaign in Jackson.

Seriously consider coming to the Michigan Revival Conference, November 12 and 13 and 14.  The speakers at this event to emphasize and explain the great revival truths will be me, Chris Miller, R.B. Ouellette, Jim Van Gelderen, and Dave Young.  It will be a powerful and helpful conference, especially if you will pray with us for God to come and meet with us.  The sessions will meet at the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, all three days, morning (10 a.m.), afternoon (1 p.m.), and evening (7 p.m.).  Lunch will be served at no charge for those coming to the daytime services.  We will hear a total of eighteen sermons.  Go to the Conference website ( for more information and to hear sermons from last year’s MRC as well as the regional revival conferences this year.

Also prayerfully consider helping me get to Kenya for the mission to which I have happily committed beginning January 20.  You can call me about any of this at 989.863.0784.  Pray with us too for the Wesco family, whose husband and father, missionary Charles Wesco was murdered in the violence of the civil war in Cameroon this last month.  You may have heard about this, and I can tell you more if you call me.  Let’s pray that God will give his wife Stephanie and their eight children wisdom, protection, grace, and supply in these days of great need.  Thank you for joining me at the throne (Hebrews 4:16).  RICK FLANDERS

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