IN MARCH OF 2018, in Tarboro, North Carolina, at the New Grace Baptist Church, God sent a wonderful revival that changed a church and is still impacting a community!  It began with a prayer meeting held the night before the beginning of a scheduled revival campaign, attended by three people: an evangelist, a pastor, and a six year-old boy.  They prayed earnestly for revival in the church based on the promises of Matthew 18:18-20. At first there seemed to be a struggle against unseen opposition, but when they began to plead for God to remove the blockade, the prayer meeting took a turn and God stepped into the room, and there was much liberty. We had a confident expectation that God was ready to send the rain.

Sunday, after Dr. Rick Flanders preached a message on salvation for sinners and the abundant life for saints, with an astonishing number of people responding to the call to repentance, Pastor Barnett simply said, “Let’s not go home yet; let’s have a prayer meeting,” and the prayer meeting lasted until well into the afternoon!

Monday evangelistic results from the revival really began to happen!  That day, 20 people trusted in Jesus Christ as their Savior. Then, Tuesday through Friday, it was as if every door in town opened not only to soul winners, but to Jesus. That week saw around 50 people trust Christ simply from knocking on doors.  From that time to the present, we have seen an average of 2 souls saved every week!

Remarkable answers to prayer have characterized the months after the revival. One that was particularly notable came in response to Hurricane Florence. A Christian fireman came to the Pastor and said that we needed to prepare for the worst. A category five hurricane was headed this way and was going to destroy our town. Panic rose everywhere. While all other churches in Tarboro cancelled the midweek service, we held a prayer meeting.  And God gave the revived congregation so much confidence, that Pastor spread the word in Tarboro that “God made the storm and He can take the storm away.”  Florence wrought utter devastation EVERYWHERE….except Tarboro. It was as if God had placed His hand over the town. The revival in March opened the door to great blessings which have brought glory to the Lord throughout the year of 2018!

NOW IN FEBRUARY OF 2019, the church in Tarboro will again seek the face of God for another time of refreshing from His presence, that the move of God manifested last year would be renewed and strengthened. Evangelist Rick Flanders will come back to Tarboro to preach for revival beginning on February 10 and continuing nightly through the 15th.  He will also stay the next week to preach the Gospel on Sunday the 17th, and to help in other efforts God shows us to do in order to reach our town with the saving message of Christ.  These will be intense and God-filled two weeks!

WILL YOU HAVE A PART IN the new efforts for revival in Tarboro next month?  As God leads you, you can help in many ways:

  • Pray with us that God will powerfully revive us again in a way that will magnify the name of Jesus.  Consider setting aside time every day to pray for revival in Tarboro, and also consider fasting as you pray (Mark 9:29).
  • Help us on the ground with the revival effort, by coming to Tarboro for the week of February 10, for a couple of those days, or for the week of February 17.  We can use your help.  Call Pastor Mike Barnett to let him know what the Lord is leading you to do (252.955.4220).
  • Urge people you know who live in the Tarboro-Rocky Mount area to attend the meetings and/or help in the revival effort.  We would love to meet your friends or relatives and help them find the Lord or partner with them to win others.  Call Dr. Rick Flanders or e-mail him if you can make plans to come: 989.863.0784;
  • Give to support these efforts.  We have checked into several options that will require some finances, including larger facilities for the second week.  Ask Pastor Barnett about this, or send a donation designated for the revival effort and made out to New Grace Baptist Church, 1213 Newsome Street, Tarboro, North Carolina 27886.

“And when they had prayed, then place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.”

(ACTS 4:31)

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