A Report on the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in May of 2018


A Report on the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in May of 2018

Again, thank you for praying for us.  Here is a summary of what the Lord did with us this past month:

  • THE REVIVAL IN TARBORO.  As I reported last month, Toni and I went to Tarboro, North Carolina, for a revival campaign with Pastor Mike Barnett at the New Grace Baptist Church.  And the Lord did wonderful things in those days (April 29-May 4).  I said in the last update, “Sunday morning there was an unforgettable response to the Bible truth that was preached, evidenced by many coming forward and publically dealing with issues between them and God.  Then Pastor asked the folks to stay for a prayer meeting, and pretty well everybody did.  We prayed for a long time, and God manifested Himself among us.  He also answered our prayers in the following days with many souls saved, many saints revived, many more prayer meetings, and powerful revival meetings.  We are still in the campaign as I write these words.”  God kept working powerfully every day of the campaign, and the people kept responding (James 4:8-10).  Without question, it was one of the most remarkable church revivals we have seen.  Keep praying for the congregation as they disciple the new Christians, face the devil’s opposition, and move forward according the God’s plan.  We look forward to returning to Tarboro some day!  Also pray for Pastor Barnett as his ailing mother passed on to Heaven on Sunday, June 3.
  • REVIVAL CAMPAIGN AT MT. ZION.  Then Toni flew home (on the 5th) and I flew north for a four-day revival campaign (May 6-9) at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Brogue, Pennsylvania.  This church is led by Pastor Chris Starr, whose father, Randy Starr, for many years shepherded the flock and led them into remarkable ventures of faith, including the establishment of new churches across this region.  I was excited to join them in seeking the Lord for a revival.  We had prayer meetings in which the Holy Spirit gave direction and confidence so that we prayed boldly for certain people and certain things.  And the Lord glorified His name by bringing many of these requested things to pass.  A man got saved Sunday morning that the pastor and folks had been seeking to win, and he came back to many of the revival meetings.  Victories were won in the lives of Christians for which they praised the Lord, and we all recognized that God had given us a measure of revival.  Pray for these folks today.
  • GOOD MEETINGS IN NOVA SCOTIA.  I had been looking forward for many reasons to going to Nova Scotia for a revival campaign at the Charity Baptist Church of Wilmot, which is pastored by Warren Jones, a man about whom I have been told wonderful things.  His brother Bob serves ably as his assistant.  The meetings happened May 13-18.  Sunday we looked at scriptures that revealed the challenges God’s people face today, and the resources we have to fulfill our responsibilities.  Throughout the week visitors came from nearby evangelical churches, and many responded publicly to revival truth.  Good attendance, good response, good times of prayer and really good decisions characterized the week.  My friend, Pastor Robby Milburn, who serves in Nova Scotia, was stricken by something like meningitis at this time, and Pastor Jones and I went to the hospital to visit him.  It was a remarkable visit actually, and I was impressed to pray regularly for these two men, who could be raised up to lead a revival movement in the province.  Pray with me for Nova Scotia.
  • THE MEETINGS IN ALPENA.  For many weeks now, inspired somewhat by the Michigan Revival Conference, four pastors in the city of Alpena, Michigan, have been meeting on Mondays to pray for each other and for revival in their churches.  Then some time ago the Lord led them to ask if I could come up there the week of Memorial Day (May 27-June 1) for special meetings to promote revival.  I got to preach in all four churches, and to pray with these men and others burdened and excited for revival.  Some big victories were won.  Pray for a harvest in Alpena.

In June, I am set to stay very busy especially in meetings within my own state.  Pray for us as I preach revival truths at these events of the 2018 Michigan Revival Conference:

  1. The Regional Revival Conference at Marysville.  Evangelist Chris Miller and I will preach and teach revival truths at the Victory Baptist Church, June 3-6;
  2. The Regional Revival Conference at Clio.  Brother Miller and I will continue our series of messages at the Landmark Baptist Church, June 7-10;
  3. The Regional Revival Conference in Corunna.  Another regional conference will expound revival truth at the Immanuel Baptist Church with several speakers preaching Sunday night, June 10, through Wednesday night the 13th.
  4. The One-Day Revival Conferences “up north”:
  • In Gaylord, at Grace Baptist Church, Lord’s Day services on June 17;
  • In Lewiston, at First Baptist Church, on June 18, beginning at 3 p.m. with a service about prayer, followed by a revival prayer meeting, and later in a service at 7 p.m.;
  • In Alpena, at Lighthouse Baptist Church, on June 19, with a session on prayer at 3 p.m., followed by a revival prayer meeting, and a conference meeting at 7 p.m.;
  • In Rogers City, at Rogers City Baptist Church, on June 20, with a session on prayer at 3 p.m., followed by a revival prayer meeting, and a conference meeting at 7 p.m.;  and
  • In Burt Lake, at the Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church, on June 21, with a service on prayer (an important revival subject) at 3 p.m., followed by a revival prayer meeting, and then the conference service at 7 p.m.

Please pray for all of these meetings and for the ongoing effort to promote revival in Michigan this year.  Also encourage people you know in these places to attend the regional revival conferences as they can: Christian leaders, serious followers of Jesus, seekers, and lost souls.  This is a big month. See what you can do for the Cause of Christ.  Thank you for your help.

I should also tell you that I lost a good number of phone numbers some weeks ago when my cell phone was stolen.  If you think I may want your number, and if you are willing for me to have it, please send it to me this week, so that I can re-build my contact list.  Thanks.

RICK FLANDERS (Acts 1:8; Psalm 85:6)



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