A Report on the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in July of 2018


A Report on the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in July of 2018

We all know that God is good.  One of the many ways He shows us His goodness is by answering our prayers.  In July, we saw Him respond to prayer almost daily, and I want to sum up what happened for people who prayed for revival in our work.  Here is where we went and what God did.

  • NOLENSVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE.  On July 1, the Lord had me preach at this wonderful church at a time of serious need.  This congregation, of which our daughter Susanna is a member, was without a pastor on that day, and I preached on how the Lord Jesus guides and uses His church.  Since then, the church called a man to be the new under-shepherd.
  • THE BILL RICE RANCH.  July 2-6, the Ranch held its tremendous Family Conference and its big Independence Day celebration.  I got to preach on the first chapters of Proverbs, which show us “How to Get and Stay on the Right Road.”  Other speakers included my Michigan friend, Pastor Doug Jackson, and evangelists Wil Rice and Bill Rice, III.  After this helpful week, Toni and I went on a brief vacation in eastern Tennessee (the Ranch is in Middle Tennessee).  We were happy to see some friends at the Victory Baptist Church of Pigeon Forge while we were over there.
  • NORTHSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH, HAMMOND, INDIANA.  This congregation in a well-known city near Chicago anticipated eagerly the revival campaign, July 22-27, in which I preached.  When I arrived Saturday evening, a small but zealous group of people met me at the church for a prayer meeting.  And we prayed a lot all week.  And we saw God answer prayer repeatedly and powerfully.  Souls were saved, saints revived, and many other victories were won.  We had preaching services at night and prayer services every morning, Monday through Friday.  On Saturday before leaving for Illinois I attended their important men’s meeting and spoke to them about the program of Jesus in Acts 1:8.  This is a good church, and the Lord is bringing them into revival.  So do pray for them.  It was a blessing to have Pastor John Wilkerson of First Baptist Church (a very busy man I am sure) visit a revival service with his daughter.  The Lord brought several visitors to the church and showed His favor in many wonderful ways.
  • BRENTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH, DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS.  In the past I had preached at Northside of Hammond, and likewise I have preached at Brentwood, in Sunday services and in revival meetings.  Now I am back for another revival effort, July 29 through August 3.  God moved very obviously and strongly in the congregation both Sunday morning and Sunday night.  We are seeing many good things coming in answer to prayers offered in prayer meetings and in private prayer, and I will appreciate your praying for us today.  We have services each night through Friday.

Please keep praying for us in the coming weeks.  In August, I will finish up in the revival effort at Brentwood Baptist Church in Des Plaines, Illinois, through the third.  Then I will be preaching on Sunday August 5 at LaGrange Baptist Church in LaGrange, Indiana.  On August 11, I will fly to the Edmonton airport for revival meetings at Victory Baptist Church in Sherwood Park, Alberta (Canada), the twelfth through the seventeenth.  Toni and I will be at the Grace Baptist Church of Eaton Rapids, Michigan, for a revival campaign August 19-22.  At the end of the month, we will go down to the Faith Baptist Church of Deltona, Florida, for revival meetings in the church and the Christian school the week of the 26th.

We are praying for the primary election in Michigan on August 7.  Toni and I have a special interest in this election because Dr. James Hines, the Christian surgeon who played an import role in our lives several years ago, is a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor.  And yes, we support him.

Do pray for my overseas missions next year.  We need wisdom and supply for a mission to Kenya in January into February, and we will be away and in need of personal support for the Revival Tour of Israel in which I will be teaching again, which comes in March and into April.  Look over the report attached to this update.

We have a new set-up for the Book of John Project and for supplying my book on revival, Back to Normal.  Good people at the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport will be helping folks obtain these materials from now on.  Take a look at the attachments that explain.  Your church may want to use the Project to evangelize your town, and you may want to make my understandable book on revival available to people.

Keep praying for the Michigan Revival Conference, November 12-14, with the theme of HARVEST 2018.  The conference meetings will occur at the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, MI, morning, afternoon, and evening.  The speakers will be me, Evangelist Chris Miller, Pastor R.B. Ouellette, Evangelist Jim Van Gelderen, and Evangelist Dave Young.  Pray for the conference, for the revival movement in Michigan, and for a revival to spread across our state that will lead to a harvest of souls.

Another big thing going on in our lives is the preparation for our daughter’s wedding in December.  Many of you know and love Susanna, who serves as registrar at the Bill Rice Ranch.  While we were in Tennessee, we took care of a few big needs involved in this preparation.  So stay in touch, and pray for her and our family.  She will be marrying Cranston Knowles who is a gifted evangelist, and now serves as the pastor of the church in Nassau, Bahamas, where he grew up.  After the wedding, Cranston and Susanna will be going back to the Bahamas to minister to saints and sinners.  Pray for them.

Thank you, my praying friends.


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