The Latest Report on the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders

In August, we were very busy, very happy to be in the service of Jesus Christ, and thrilled to see God work.  Here is where I was, and what we did.

  • Brentwood Baptist Church of Des Plaines, Illinois: August 1-3, we finished a revival campaign at this very good church, and saw several people come to Jesus before the week was over.  Pray for Pastor Daryl York and this important church as they move on down the revival road.
  • LaGrange Baptist Church in LaGrange, Indiana: Here I preached on Sunday the fifth, and the Lord seemed to meet some serious needs.  The week following, Toni and I heard Evangelist Jim Cook at the Christ Life Conference held at the Ann Arbor Baptist Church and led by my friend, Evangelist John Van Gelderen, and were really helped.  Also we voted in the primary election on August 7.  We cannot exaggerate how important it is for followers of Christ to vote in these mid-term elections.
  • Victory Baptist Church of Sherwood Park, Alberta (Canada): I returned to this wonderful church for a revival effort, August 12-17, during which we saw a number of answers to prayers offered in several fervent prayer meetings.  God was working here every day.  We engaged in door-to-door evangelism in a neighborhood by the church, and had the Lord help us.  God is giving the church a new and Biblical vision for evangelism, locally and world-wide.  One night we examined what the book of Acts says about the church being the “launching-pad” for getting the Gospel to the whole world.  Pastor David Harness, Jr., who has stepped up to take his godly father’s position as senior  pastor, announced that this fall (I think in October) the personal soul-winning course known as “Net-Casters” will be taught by evangelist Alex Rohof.  It is a tremendous training program that deals with living a Biblical life-style as well as sharing the Gospel effectively with those who do not yet know Jesus.  Let’s all pray for them this fall.  I must also tell you that the Lord guided the preaching in a very amazing way, I think, to address some of the deeper issues in the lives of the members.  Thank you for praying for me.
  • Grace Baptist Church of Eaton Rapids, Michigan: Toni and I were at this church August 19-22 for a four-day revival campaign.  We know these folks well and are excited to minister here any time we can.  The folks were receptive to the truth, and a number of important decisions for God were made by them.
  • Faith Baptist Church in Deltona, Florida: Mrs. Flanders and I flew down to the Orlando airport on the 25th, where we were met by our favorite son-in-law, Pastor Mike Foster, so that we could minister at the church where he and his family serve.  The revival meetings there extended from the 26th through the 31st.  I preached fourteen times. Many of the services were chapels in the large Deltona Christian School, where God definitely gave revival to some of the students.  The church is moving toward taking new steps in fulfilling God’s program of Acts 1:8, including a faith-promise missions conference coming soon.  Pray for them today.

As we look forward, let me remind you of my mission to Kenya next year, January 20 to February 2.  I am attaching to this report an information sheet about two overseas ministry trips I will be taking in 2019.  Please read it over, and be praying for me and these important missions.  I will need a couple thousand dollars for the plane tickets to Kenya, over and back, and we will look to the Lord to meet our personal and ministry needs while I am gone.  If the Lord leads you to help us financially, you can do so through our church, First Baptist of Bridgeport.  See the information on the overseas missions, or call and ask me about this (989.863.0784).

In September, I will be preaching the Word of God in revival campaigns, at the Straitgate Church in Minneapolis the week of the 9th, and at the First Baptist Church of Park Rapids, Minnesota, the week of the 16th.  Then I plan to attend the meeting of the board of the Bill Rice Ranch the next week.  Finally, I am to preach in all of the Sunday services of the Victory Baptist Church of Marysville, Michigan, on September 30.  Be sure to remember to pray for me this whole month.

A lot of unique things are going on in our lives right now because our daughter, Susanna, is to be married on Friday, December 7.  The wedding will take place in a beautiful chapel in Nashville.  She is marrying with our blessing a preacher from the Bahamas, Pastor Cranston Knowles.  Do you know him?  He travelled a number of years in our country as an evangelist, and God has made him a really good preacher.  We are glad to welcome him into our family.  Many from his church in Nassau will be coming to the wedding, as well as Tennessee friends from their ministries at the Bill Rice Ranch, family from everywhere, and friends from Michigan.  We would love for you to come too, but there are limitations due to space, and you should contact us if you are thinking of making plans to join us for this very happy event.  And pray for Cranston and Susanna, as well as for Toni and me.  The first week of September, we drove down to the Ranch, where our daughter has served Jesus for a dozen years, to bring her “home” before the marriage.  We all have a lot to do.

The Michigan Revival Conference with the theme “Harvest 2018,” will be held November 12, 13, and 14, and I need to ask you to pray for this effort.  There will be a total of sermons preached, morning and afternoon and evening, on these days at the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, Michigan.  The preachers will be me, evangelist Chris Miller, Pastor R.B. Ouellette, evangelist Jim Van Gelderen, and evangelist Dave Young.  All of them are knowledgeable in regard to revival, both from the study and use of the scripture, and through blessed experience.  So pray for us all, and for the churches of Michigan.  We are asking for a revival that will produce a great harvest of souls.  Stay in touch with me about this, and attend the conference as you can.  Have you heard of the mighty revivals that have been happening in the South?  I am much encouraged by such news.

The Bill Rice Ranch is conducting its annual evangelistic effort in New York City again in January.  Call them about it, go with them if you can, and do support them in prayer.

I count on your prayers, and need them.  And I appreciate you more than I can say.


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