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An Index of Dr. Flanders’ Articles on this Website:

A Night in the E.R.

A Packed House

A Pie in the Sky

A Revival M-O

A World of Make Believe

Ancient Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus

All Things To All Men

“An Unclean Spirit”

Back Off North Carolina!

Baptists and Revival

“Behold, I will Heal Thee”

Blended Worship

Book of Acts Arithmetic

Calling Sinners to Repentance

Christians and “Gay Marriage”

Comin’ Down the Pike!

Communism or Compassion

Conducting Revival Prayer Meetings

Created Equal

Dealing with Opposition

Demobilizing the Church

Discouragement about Revival

Do You Know Jacob Knapp?

Does God Care About What I Wear?

Does the Bible Promise Its Own Preservation?

Elders and Deacons

Everywhere Evangelizing

For Whom Shall Christians Vote?

He’s Leaving Fundamentalism

How the Church Is Run

I Agree With the King James Version

I.F.B. Backwards

Is It Dangerous to Pray for Revival?

Is There a Laodicean Age?

Isn’t Repentance a Decision?

“It Is High Time”

It’s a Crazy World!

Jesus and the Military

Love in the Truth

Ministerial Loyalty

My “Beef” with the Calvinists

Now What?

“Now Ye Are Clean”


Pie in the Sky

Pieces of Revival

Prayer Meeting Dynamics

Praying for Revival

Praying for Wisdom


Recant, or Else!

Remembering Revival

Right, But Not Ready


Salvation and Discipleship

Separation and Revival

Sick and Tired of It!

Spiritual Enough to Do Right!


The Apostles Only?

The Basis of Fundamentalism

The Enticement of Cultural Relevance

The Fairness Doctrine

The Millennials’ Psalm

The Most Basic of the Basics

The Most Important People

The Obstacle

The Place

The Preacher’s Tears

The Reprieve

The Revival Issue

The “Standards” Mess

The Whole Thing

The Wrong Change

Turning the World Upside Down

Understanding Carl McIntire

What Dr. Bill Taught Me about Special Offerings

What Is a Job?

What the Spirit Is Saying to the Churches

What We Learned at the Michigan Revival Conference

Where Is the Evangelist?

Who Was John Birch?

Who’s “Coming Out”?

Why Is Jesus Weeping

Why Stay Alive

Winning the Invisible War

Wisdom and Foolishness

Would You Die for It?

You and Sin!


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