The Nairobi Mission

Plans have been made for Dr. Rick Flanders and his wife, Toni, to minister in Kenya at the beginning of 2011.

In January of 2009, five fundamental Baptist missionaries organized a Bible college in Nairobi, Kenya, to train men and women to play key roles in the efforts to evangelize the multitudes that live in the spiritual darkness of East Africa. The blessing of God has been evident in the short history of the Independent Baptist College of Ministry, as the emphasis of the work has been placed on dependence upon the Holy Spirit for victory in life and ministry. Leaders of the college are saying,

“We are seeking revival in our hearts so that we can impact Kenya, East Africa, and then all of Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

In pursuit of this goal, they have asked Dr. Rick Flanders to come in January of 2011 to help in several ways:

  • To preach at the Spiritual Life Retreat, a camp gathering held annually to focus attention on revival, and to mold the atmosphere of the college for the coming year.
  • To teach his History of Revival course at the inauguration of the new seminary department of the college ministry.
  • To speak in the mission churches, and to other groups, as God leads and the need dictates. Mrs. Flanders will also speak to groups of ladies.
  • To counsel and encourage the faculty and leadership of Independent Baptist College of Ministry, and missionaries serving in the area.

Plans are for the Flanders’s to arrive in Kenya on January 1, and to come home on the 15th. With the expense of plane tickets, travel costs beyond the tickets, and the needs at home in their life and ministry during their absence, the mission will cost them about $6000. Dr. Flanders has committed to serve with God’s servants in Kenya in this way, and is trusting God to supply the needed funds. He is asking that those who hear about this opportunity pray with him about it.
Churches and individuals that are led by the Lord to help the Nairobi Mission with an offering may send it, designated for the Flanders Africa Trip, to:

First Baptist Church of Bridgeport
2440 King Road, P.O. Box 249
Bridgeport, MI 48722.

Call Dr. Flanders with your questions at 989.863.0784, or send a message to

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wilhide ambani January 16th, 2011 at 8:51 am    

i was happy and most blesssed by the preaching from DR.Flanders who visited kenya resetly. i thank GOD for the opportunity.

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