Revival Course at Indiana Baptist College, May 12-16

Dear Friend:
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In more and more churches, I am being ask to conduct a seminar on the history of revival that reviews the facts about the great revivals of the past.  I conducted one this week in South Bend.  I am thinking that preachers and non-preachers alike may want to consider taking a day off to take the course I will teaching at Indiana Baptist College ( this spring titled “History of Revival.”  I have taught at this good school in the past on the seminary level, and they are offering it again May 12-16.  I have attached the brochure on the class to this message, and hope that you will open it and read it.  The class really does open a man’s eyes and help his thinking.  It is a class on Bible doctrine, ministerial philosophy, and on history.  The College is making it convenient and economical to come to Indianapolis and devote five days to taking this block class.  Look over the brochure are consider this possibility prayerfully.  Thank you.
Rick Flanders

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