March, 2014 Prayer Update

The Flanders Report

What happened in March 2014 in the ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders

People such as you pray for us as they pray for revival among God’s people, and we are grateful for and dependent on their prayers.  It was a good month of ministry in March, and here is where I went and what happened.  Keep praying for us in April, and stay in touch. 

  • ·         The revival campaign at Melvin Baptist Church of Melvin, Michigan, March 2-7.  We had well-attended and good meetings in this small-town church led by our friend, Pastor Scott Markle, a fine Christian and a noted author on Biblical subjects.  It was good to see people we know from previous meetings at this church, and to meet others from area churches that came.  Melvin is in the greater Port Huron area, which is a part of our state blessed with an unusual number of revival-oriented pastors.  We saw some saved on Sunday morning, and many revival decisions among believers the rest of the week.  May God send a general revival to His people in this area in answer to their earnest prayers!  The church is between forty and fifty miles from my home, so I drove down every day.  At the first of the week, the weather created some hindrances, and we appreciated the fact that many were praying for us.
  • ·         The revival campaign at Northland Baptist Church of Flagstaff, Arizona, March 9-14.  Pastor Randy Miller is the good pastor of this church in the high desert.  We had several saved this week, and also had the opportunity to preach important revival truths.  This is a white harvest area, and we should all pray for the blessing of God on the congregation as they follow the Acts 1:8 program.  I was able to go door-to-door to present the Gospel many times during this good campaign.
  • ·         The revival campaign at Royal View Baptist Church of Gilbert, Arizona, March 16-20.  Pastor Mike Henry leads this good and growing congregation in the Phoenix area.  Sunday the Lord had us focus on the Spirit-filled life and revival with messages from Colossians, First John, and Isaiah.  Some of us went soul winning in the nearby neighborhoods, and God gave us several important conversations with people about their souls and the Gospel.  Wednesday night, the auditorium was full, and chairs were brought in from other rooms.  We didn’t see anyone saved as far as I know, but we gave the Gospel to several unsaved.  I believe the sermons on revival, prayer, the church, and offences will do some permanent good, and expect to hear greater things from Gilbert in the days ahead!  Pray for them.
  • ·         The big Men’s Conference at Williams, Arizona, sponsored by the West Branch of the Bill Rice Ranch, March 21-22.  West Branch is an amazing and wonderful revival ministry.  It is run by the ministry of the Bill Rice Ranch in events organized all over this part of the country while we wait for the buildings on the camp property are completed.  We expect a full camping schedule to be followed in the summer of 2015.  Limited use of the property will begin this coming summer.  The men’s retreats run by West Branch are always phenomenal, and this one was no exception to that rule.  I think a revival theme was followed in every message (delivered by Evangelists Troy Carlson and Bill Rice III, and by me).  Several of them were from the book of Acts.  Mine on Friday night was about Nathanael (an Israelite in whom was no guile) and Jacob’s name being changed to Israel.  I called it “Living by Guile or by God“ and it certainly seemed to meet a need.  Then on Saturday morning I preached from Acts 4:31 on “A Real Revival.”  You may want to contact the Ranch about getting all the recordings of the sessions.  I believe the Conference was a life-changing, problem-solving retreat.  Thanks for praying.
  • ·         The Revival Tour of Israel, March 23-April 2.  I flew to Milwaukee on March 22 and met Toni there to join the group going on the tour.  We left the next day, and I will fill you in about what happened in the next report.

After returning from Israel I am to preach all day at the Mio Baptist Church of Mio, Michigan, on April 6.  This is the church our son John served as assistant pastor some years ago.  It is also the church that sponsors the very helpful annual Rural Pastors’ Conference, which is held this year on April 8.  Pastor Glynn McMorris has asked me to be one of the speakers.  April 10-12 I am to preach at the Men’s Prayer Encounter led by Evangelist Tom Palmer in Pennsylvania.  Contact him at  Then I will be back in Michigan at Fellowship Baptist Church of Whitmore Lake, for revival meetings April 13-16.  I am to preach in revival meetings at the Beulah Land Baptist Church up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, where Evangelist Dave Webster is serving as pastor, April 20-22.  The Western Canada Revival Conference will be held at Beulah Land Baptist April 23-25, and both Michael Sullivant (a remarkable revival-oriented pastor from Manitoba) and I will be preaching.  Pray that God will fan the flames of revival in the western provinces by means of this conference.  Saskatoon saw a great revival some forty years ago, and in recent years I have seen a genuine and intelligent interest in revival truth in my visits to British Columbia, Alberta, SK, and Manitoba. April 27 we are to begin an important revival campaign at the Trinity Baptist Church of Flushing, Michigan.  So pray for us.  April should prove to be an important month of work, and we must have the Lord’s leading and blessing.

I think I should mention to you that the Indiana Baptist College in Indianapolis is offering my seminary class, “History of Revival,” as a block-course May 12-16, and they are making it available to people out there in the ministry.  I will be teaching it as I do often in good schools, and I am sure it will help preachers.  Call IBC at 317.882.2345.  I should also remind the pastors among you that materials for the Book of John Project are available by a call to John Burrt at Ann Arbor Baptist Church (734.995.5144).  Some churches will be using this project as an evangelistic tool this year.  Also you may be interested that another article of mine has been posted at Ministry 127.  You can see it by clicking

How much we appreciate our friends who pray for us!  We will keep you posted, and are always glad to hear from you!




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