February, 2015 Prayer Update


Reporting on the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders

February of 2015 was a cold month everywhere we went, but it was a phenomenal time in the reviving of God’s people, and we want to thank the Lord for what we saw and experienced.  We also want to thank you who prayed for us.  Here is where we went when:

  • New Freedom, Pennsylvania, February 1-5. In these days we were with Pastor Adam Burtt at the Grace Bible Church for a revival campaign aimed at helping families with family issues as well reviving saints and saving sinners.  The people responded to the truth, and one lady got saved.  Other notable victories were won, and we are thanking God for these good days.
  • Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, February 7-8. A few days later we were with our friend Pastor Dan Mawson at the Victory Baptist Church for a couples’ retreat and a Sunday devoted to helping Christian homes.  Attendance was good in this healthy church, and good was done for couples, as we were praying.
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 15-18. The next week we drove to Milwaukee and took a flight up to Canada for a couple of important meetings.  The first one was at the Berean Baptist Church of Winnipeg for what Pastor Chris Haley named the “Abiding in Christ” Revival Conference.  You would have loved to have been with us in this good church of receptive people as we traveled through what has been called the “Upper Room Discourse” (John 13 through 17), and learned from the Lord Jesus how to live the Abundant Life.  The congregation includes a number of delightful believers who came from the Philippines, including some who were pastored by our friend Dennis Potts.  The church was very kind to us, and presented me with an iPad as a gift.  Now I am learning to use it.
  • Winkler, Manitoba, February 19-22. Then we were driven down to the town of Winkler where God is building one of the most remarkable of His churches anywhere.  The Pembina Valley Baptist Church is led by Pastor Michael Sullivant, and is one of the largest Baptist churches in Canada.  I was asked to take part in their annual missions conference.  Many, many came to important conclusions and made vital decisions for their Christian life, and I heard about two that were saved on Sunday.  Space will not permit me to tell half the amazing things we saw here.  Do pray for this church, which sponsors the Canadian Baptist Bible College.
  • Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, February 23-26. It was a thrill to be back at the Falls Baptist Church for the annual Victory Conference, which the Lord has made into a very influential and helpful revival conference over the years.  The theme was “Courageous Faith,” and God really put it all together to increase our willingness to step out on faith in God!  I got to speak three times, and the final time was in the final service, where I had the challenge of preaching right after a very emotional experience.  Thursday night the Conference presented me with their “Faithful Servant” award, using a specially-produced video to make the presentation.  The video included the participation of some of my dearest friends and each of our children.  I was overwhelmed and humbled, and pray that God has done some eternal good with it.
  • Door County and Appleton, Wisconsin, February 27-March 1. After the Victory Conference, Toni and I drove to Door County (a well-known resort area in Wisconsin) for a couple’s retreat/conference organized by three fundamental Baptist churches.  Sunday we were guests of the wonderful Grace Baptist Church, where I got to preach in a revival campaign last year.  It was a great weekend, with evidence that God was at work each day.

Thank you for your help in prayer.  Please remember to pray for my ministry in the month of March as well.  I am at the Granite City Baptist Church of St. Cloud, Minnesota, for their missions conference the 8th through the 11th.  The next Sunday (March 15) I am to preach at the Coon Rapids Baptist Church in Coon Rapids, MN.  Then I will teach a class on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit at the WalkRight Bible Institute in Prudenville, Michigan, March 16-20.  The Lord is sending me to preach at the “Reviving Rural America” conference in Effingham, Illinois, the 22nd through the 25th.  A few days later I fly out of Windsor to western Canada for a revival campaign at the Vision Baptist Church of Leduc, Alberta, March 29-April 3, and then the Western Conference on Revival at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.


  1. “Reviving Rural America” at the Southside Baptist Church of Effingham, Illinois, March 22-25. Go to ssbceffingham.org.
  2. The Western Conference on Revival at the Beulah Land Baptist Church in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, April 6-10. Go to blbc.ca.
  3. The Revival Tour of America, May 28-June 8, starting from the Falls Baptist Church of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Go to fallsbc.org.
  4. The National Conference on Prayer and Revival (August 9-14) at Greater Cumberland Baptist Church in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Go to visitgcbc.com.
  5. Revival Conference in Tallaght, Ireland (a suburb of Dublin), at the Lifegate Bible Baptist Church, September 6-11. Go to lifegate.org.

Don’t forget to pray for all of these events, and to participate, as God directs, in at least one!

May the Lord go with all of us as we set out to serve as His witnesses in this dark world.   We are very grateful for your friendship!

Rick Flanders

Acts 1:8

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