April, 2015 Prayer Update


The Latest Update on the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders

April 2015

Praying brings wonderful things (Jeremiah 33:3, Ephesians 3:20-21).  This month we saw the effects of your prayers in revival gatherings in every place we went.  Here are those places:

  • VISION BAPTIST CHURCH, Leduc, Alberta (Canada). The revival campaign here ended on April 3.  I gave a report on the first part of the campaign last month.  Today I am glad to report that the last two nights (April 2 and 3—were you praying for us on those days?) saw significant progress on the road to revival, with big breaks happening at the invitation times.  This was a wonderful week of revival in the Edmonton area.  We certainly appreciate Pastor Jim Price and his family, and their love for Christ and the congregation.  I was glad also to see the pastor and others from Victory Baptist Church across town.
  • WESTERN REVIVAL CONFERENCE, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (Canada). This important gathering took place at Beulah Land Baptist Church, and spanned five days, April 6-10.  It was organized by my friend Dave Webster.  I arrived on the 4th, and got to preach on Easter Sunday (the 5th) at the church, on a glorious day in which we saw a man come to Christ!  That man came night after night to the conference services, Monday through Friday, and grew and grew!  And the conference was attended by preachers and other good Christians from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, and drew big crowds every night.  I gave several revival messages, and was joined by Evangelist Jacob Giesbrecht.  There were two sermons every night, and many revival subjects were covered.  We had wonderful prayer meetings and an afternoon seminar every day on revival in Canada.  The WRC is growing stronger and will be held again next year.  Thanks for praying for us.
  • CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH, Gaines, Michigan. This revival campaign was for five days, April 12-16.  We saw three saved in their homes, three more in the meetings, and the church saw another saved the next Sunday.  Pastor Louis Canaday has experienced personal revival, and preaches revival truth.  I got to help in the cause of revival at the church, and work with a good man in the power of God’s evident blessing in these days.  We got to see many good things, and many eyes were opened to the life of abiding in Christ.  Some of the meetings were attended by our friend, Evangelist Mark Bohman.
  • CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH, King, North Carolina. These phenomenal revival meetings were held April 19-21.  Toni and I headed south on Friday the seventeenth, and stayed that night with my sister and her husband in Huntington, West Virginia. We drove the rest of the way to the Winston-Salem area on Saturday.  I was eagerly anticipating this campaign because of my contacts with the Pastor, Kevin Broyhill, who is right on track about revival.  And the Lord definitely gave us a measure of revival in the lives of many people.  We also saw God move powerfully in three special chapels at the Christian school.  This region is where I lived when I received Jesus Christ in 1963.  Dan Timmons, the friend who encouraged me to listen to a certain radio preacher when we were teenagers, drove over with his wife Lynn to attend the meetings.  It was that preacher whose ministry led me to the Lord.  Also, Dean and Alice Bryan, our friends of many years drove over for the meetings.  It was great to see them.  It was also a moving experience to be again in the place I used to call home.  We did not have much time to travel around, although I did get to visit the graves of my parents.  What a wonder three days these were!  God answered prayer, taught us how to pray, and sent revival.  We made some new friends, and are still praying for them, for Calvary of King, and for the Winston-Salem area.
  • HERITAGE BAPTIST CHURCH, Vinton, Virginia. Here I got to preach in their “Contagious Faith” conference, April 22-26.  The pastor, Bob Barton, and others from the church, have heard me at the Victory Conference up in Wisconsin.  The congregation is revival-oriented, which all fundamental churches ought to be, and strong groundwork had been laid for what I came to contribute.  During these days we saw folks get saved, baptized, and revived.  The Roanoke area needs revived churches, and I hope you will all pray with us for this very good one.

In May, I am to preach at the Nolensville Road Baptist Church of Nashville (the 3rd), teach about “Revival and Fundamentalism” at the Bill Rice Bible Institute (on the Bill Rice Ranch, the 4th through the 8th), attend First Baptist Church of Bridgeport with Toni on Mother’s Day, work on helping us reach a higher attendance at our church on “Open House” Sunday (May 17th), preach at the Victory Baptist Church of Marysville, Michigan on May 24, and begin a revival campaign at Mukwonago Baptist Church in Wisconsin on the 31st.  So keep on praying for me this month.

I hope you will also take the opportunity to read the article I wrote for the April 24th edition of The Sword of the Lord.  I am especially glad that they published this particular one, which explains the way to revival.  Also look forward with me to efforts planned for the summer, including a tent meeting (June 14-21) in Harvey, North Dakota; a revival campaign at the First Baptist Church of Black River, New York (June 26-July 1); a revival crusade in Vancouver, British Columbia (July 10-14); The National Conference on Prayer and Revival in Hopkinsville, Kentucky (August 9-14); and a revival campaign at the Grace Baptist Church in Urbana, Ohio (August 23-26).

I should also let you know that I am right now free to commit to helping at a few other places this summer.  If you think my ministry could help where you serve, call me in the coming days at 989.863.0784.

Let’s count on the power of prayer and engage in a great deal of praying this month.  Thank you for your role in our lives.  It would be great to hear from you or to see you along the way.


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