May, 2015 Prayer Update


In the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders

May of 2015 was a wonderful season in the work we are doing for revival, and also a very unusual month!  We certainly appreciate those who were praying for us, and want to report on what happened.  Here is where we went and what we did.

  • NOLENSVILLE ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH (on May 3). In the first few days of the month, Toni and I went down to Tennessee and served the Lord in two ministries where our daughter Susanna is a part.  On Sunday the third I got to preach at the exciting Nolensville Baptist Church of Nashville, where Susanna is a member.  The Lord answered our prayers and gave us three wonderful services and souls saved, including a lady our daughter invited.  She has been growing since, and other good things have been happening in this ministry all month.
  • BILL RICE BIBLE INSTITUTE (May 4-7). We stayed all week on the Bill Rice Ranch, where our daughter is Registrar (among other things), so that I could teach a class on “Revival and Fundamentalism” to the students of the new institute.  They were fine young people and attentive students.  Evangelist Nathan McConnell, who leads the school, sat in on the classes and helped with the testing.  It was good to get to know him better, and to see the Lord work.  It was also encouraging to see the many ways God is blessing the ministry of the Ranch, as well as our wonderful daughter.  For fun, we took an afternoon and viewed scenes on the battlefield of the Civil War fighting at Franklin.
  • MOTHER’S DAY (May 10). The Lord worked it out, and I cooperated, for me to be home at First Baptist Church of Bridgeport with my wife for her special day.  This hardly ever happens, and it was a good day for us.
  • OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY (May 17, and the week before). The next week brought “Open House Sunday” at our church, and we thought that I should stay home and participate in the evangelistic efforts leading up to the big day.  I don’t get to do this at home very much.  I made contacts every day of the week, and saw God open hearts.  The annual big day this time was also our pastor’s 40th anniversary Sunday, and we had a special celebration service after the evangelistic services Sunday morning.  The Lord did many amazing public things on this weekend.  There were 2311 people counted at the special services Saturday and Sunday, as well as two hundred twenty-five professions of faith in Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord!
  • VICTORY BAPTIST CHURCH (May 23-24). Here is a church that was born and is growing in revival.  Our friend, Pastor Don Barth, led the group that formed the church in Marysville, Michigan, twenty months ago, and we are seeing it prosper and grow the Bible way.  The people know how to pray, to win others, to follow spiritual leadership, to love each other, to study the Bible, and to believe God.  It was our privilege for both Toni and me to help in this work on the Memorial Day weekend.  Toni spoke to the ladies, and I preached three times to the church.  Pray for this phenomenal work of God, and visit it this summer if you are in the Port Huron area.
  • MUKWONAGO BAPTIST CHURCH (May 31-June 3). Right at the end of May we are beginning a revival campaign at this much-blessed small-town church in Wisconsin.  Many of you know Pastor Ron Roberts and the church, or have heard of it and of the servants of God that are scattered around the world from this hub.  Do pray for us and the meetings.

The summer brings us great opportunities to promote revival and to win souls, and we want you to join us in praying for God to work mightily.  Among them are an eight-day tent meeting in Harvey, North Dakota (at Victory Baptist Church, June 14-21); a revival campaign at the First Baptist Church of Black River, New York (June 26-July 1); evangelistic meetings in Vancouver, British Columbia (based out of the Harvest Baptist Church of Langley, July 10-15—part of a five-week revival crusade [no kidding], July 3 through August 4, with five different preachers); a preaching conference and Sunday services at Melvin Baptist Church of Melvin, Michigan (August 1-2); the National Conference on Prayer and Revival (held at the Greater Cumberland Baptist Church in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, August 9-14); Sunday services at the Cleveland (Ohio) Baptist Church, August 16; a revival campaign at the Grace Baptist Church of Urbana, Ohio, August 23-26; and Sunday services at the Blue Lick Bible Church (independent Baptist) in Lima, Ohio, August 30.  We also may still have some openings to preach elsewhere, in the form of uncommitted times.  As the Lord leads you, phone me and let’s talk about how I might be able to help at your church.  The Lord always has me busy working for revival, and your prayers have a lot to do with what I do, and with the good that is done.

May the Lord be with you and me.


RICK FLANDERS (989.863.0784)

Acts 1:8

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