July, 2015 Prayer Update


Good News from the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in July 2015

This past month included some planned rest for Rick and Toni Flanders, but it was also a period of blessing in our revival ministry.  Here is some of what happened:

  • In the revival campaign at First Baptist Church of Black River, New York (finishing July 1), we saw several folks saved and good revival decisions among the Christians. It all began with a gathering on Saturday for an evangelistic effort in the town.  We met at the church, and I got to talk about the harvest being plenteous and ripe, and the reasons it is.  On the first visit Toni and I made door-to-door we met an older couple who were clearly ready to hear the Gospel, and they invited us into their home.  After a good and thorough conversation, we were able to lead them to Christ.  On Sunday after church, Toni was able to lead a frequent visitor to trust Jesus for her salvation.  The sermons during the week were about the victory Jesus Christ won for us, and we had good attendance, good response from believers, and some others saved.
  • Sunday, July 5, we spent visiting one of our favorite churches, Ann Arbor Baptist Church. There were some good decisions made publicly by Christians, especially in the morning service.  Everybody stayed for a lunch at the church building, and then we had an afternoon meeting in which I spoke on the subject of the Holy Ghost.  This is the church in which Dr. and Mrs. John R. Van Gelderen have their membership, and where Gary Hirth is the founding pastor.  They are passing through a period of transition right now, and are requesting our prayers.  A revival here could have a big impact on the University of Michigan community, so let’s ask God to give it.
  • I got to preach July 10-14 in one of five weeks of revival meetings held at the Harvest Baptist Church of Langley, British Columbia, and have a great report to give you. First of all, this event is exactly what it claims to be: five consecutive weeks of revival services, with five different preachers, every summer.  This is the third year in a row that Pastor Derrick Goette has led the church in this unusual pursuit of revival, and without a doubt, the congregation is being lifted up to higher ground.  My sermons described and encouraged revival among God’s people.  There really are things Christians can do to bring on revival.  I think you will want to see and hear some of this summer’s sermons, preached by different men.  They tell me that you can find them at http://harvestbc.ca/preaching .  Here is what I preached: “Purify the sons of Levi” (Malachi 3); Praying for Revival (Second Chronicles 7, James 4); “The Keys” (Matthew 16 & 18); “One that feared God” (Acts 10); The Helper (John 14); Loving Jesus (First Corinthians 16); and Sticking with It (John 15).  Pray for these folks as this unique effort goes on.
  • I had the privilege of preaching in the Sunday night service of Grace Baptist Church in Surrey, British Columbia (July 12). This good church in the Vancouver area runs a Bible college and has a reputation for solid scriptural preaching.  This night the Lord had me preach from Acts 4:31 on “What Revival Looks Like.”  Evidently the Lord used this sermon in the important work He is doing in and with this notable congregation.
  • After seeing Evangelist Jacob Giesbrecht briefly in a providential meeting, I preached in the midweek service of the Anchor Baptist Church of Barnaby, British Columbia (July 15). From Acts 9:31, I pointed out the “Conditions for Multiplication.”  I showed the way to bring them about.  Multiplication is the plan of the Lord for His church, according to the book of Acts, and we can see it.  Pastor Turner and I are talking about my returning to help in a revival campaign.

A few days in July were spent on a fishing trip at a place we love.  The trip provided needed rest and recreation for my wife and me.  The Lord led and provided in so many ways for this trip that I am sure He was in it.  We are also using some time “off” to catch up on things at hope.  In a big surprise while we were home during this time, we saw about a dozen old friends from the Juniata Baptist Church and its school ministry at a restaurant, all at the same visit.  It was a real blessing to us.  Thanks for praying for us this summer.

Do pray for revival efforts that will involve us the rest of the summer.  On Saturday, August 1, I will preach twice on revival subjects at the Men’s Conference at Melvin Baptist Church in the Port Huron, Michigan, area.  Call the church at 810.378.5323 if you think that you are coming.  Everything will begin at 9 a.m., and lunch will be provided.   On the 16th, I am to preach in Ohio at the Cleveland Baptist Church, from the 23rd to the 26th at the Grace Baptist Church of Urbana, and on the 30th at the Blue Lick Bible (Baptist) Church in Lima.  The National Conference for Prayer and Revival will take place August 10-14 at the Greater Cumberland Baptist Church of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  Many of you have been anticipating this meeting, and I hope you will be praying for us, and join us for the conference as the Lord makes it possible.  We will learn a lot that we can follow in the pursuit of true revival in our lives and in our churches.  The speakers include Pastor Ken Shaver, me, Evangelist Chris Miller, Dr. R.B. Ouellette, and Dr. John R. Van Gelderen.  Find out all about it at www.heartforrevival.org.  May God use this and other conferences He is calling together to promote revivals in these dark days!

Our pastor, Dr. Ouellette, has been preaching this summer a series of sermons at First Baptist Church of Bridgeport from both the Old and New Testaments about how Christians should respond to the bad cultural news we have been getting.  You just must hear them.  I am told that soon you may be able to find them at the church website, www.2fbc.com.

In the month of August, we will pass through the seventieth anniversary of a significant event in both American and Baptist history, and the churches ought to remember it.  On August 25, 1945, Baptist missionary and U.S. intelligence officer John Birch was murdered in China by Communist troops at a time after the Second World War when they were supposed to be our allies!  This shocking event was subsequently covered up by the federal government, and the cover-up lasted for decades.  Do you know about this, and about John Birch, the servant of the Lord?  I have written an article about him and his death.   I hope you will read it, and perhaps make it available for others to read this month.

May God bless you all, and use your prayers, your gifts, and your witness for Christ this summer.



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