November, 2015 Prayer Update


A Report for those who prayed for the work of Dr. Rick Flanders in November 2015

Many Christians are seeking the Lord for revival, and I have been working with some of them this month.  I appreciate your prayers for me, and am glad to tell you some of the good things that happened.  Here are the places I served in November.

  • IN PLEASANTVILLE, IOWA, November 1-6. I arrived at this good church from Missouri and took up residence in a nice trailer parked in the parking lot.  The Pleasantville Baptist Church has built a very beautiful and useful new facility, and had prepared in many ways for the revival campaign.  On Saturday we had ordination meetings for the assistant pastor, Bryant Sager, which went very well.  He is an exceptional young man.  Because I came early, I got in on two prayer meetings before Sunday, one a special revival prayer meeting, and the other a regular prayer meeting for the men.  As often happens,  the events of the week were predicted by what the people asked God to do.  The pastor is a revival-oriented man, and a very good man, A.J. Potter.  God was with us for each service, and most of the first sermons were from the book of Revelation.  Many made revival decisions during the week, and the pastor led in prayer meetings following the services.  There is a good spirit, but there is more to happen here on the road to true revival.  Pray for them.  While there, the pastor took me to a rally in Des Moines that brought two of the candidates in the Iowa caucuses before active followers of Christ, and I was happy to hear Governor Huckabee and Senator Cruz, both of whom are believers.
  • IN NORTHERN MICHIGAN, November 8-13. I drove home from Iowa, and then went up to the northern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula on Sunday morning to begin a revival campaign at the Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church of Alanson.  Pastor Chatfield has come to know much of the truth of revival, and articulates it well.  We saw the Lord do many good things this week in the congregation, and we also saw a man from the community get saved.
  • IN SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, November 14-15. Our friend, Pastor Joe Risinger, and his people organized a public praise gathering on Saturday to thank the Lord for His miraculous provision in wiping out their huge mortgage.  It was attended by Christians and Christian leaders from all over the area as well as the grateful congregation of Lighthouse Baptist Church.  I preached from John 14 about the Lord nurturing our Father-child relationship with Him by directly answering our prayers.  We also took a closer look at the Trinity of God and our dealings with the three divine Persons.  I got to preach for the church on Sunday, and see Toni’s beloved high school teacher, Mr. Quick, who lives in Niles, Michigan.  He and his wife came to the Sunday morning service, and we visited in their home that afternoon.  They are great people, and we are praying for them to come to rest in Christ.
  • BACK HOME for a few days. The next week, we were home a little, and I got to preach in the chapel service of Juniata Christian School on Tuesday.  Toni had spoken to a ladies’ gathering for Juniata Baptist Church on Saturday.  There was a large number of Juniata ladies at the home of our friends, Mike and Paula Green, and the Lord blessed and used Toni’s talk in their lives, we believe.  Then we left for South Bend after they were done.
  • IN FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA, November 20-22. I travelled to West Virginia in the Morgantown area for a revival conference organized by pastors who pray together regularly.  The other speaker was John Van Gelderen, and the services were really good (Friday and Saturday).  Friday night a man got saved.  People attended from several good churches (including the Liberty Baptist Church of Buckhannon, the Bible Baptist Temple of Stonewood [really Clarksburg], and Victory Baptist Church of Fairmont [where we stayed in the prophets’ chambers and where I preached on Sunday]), and we think a lot of good was done.  Because certain truths related to revival were made especially clear, I think that it would be worth it to contact the Bible Baptist Temple for the audio recordings.  Van Gelderen’s final message on Saturday was especially helpful, as he explained how to deal with the devil.  Pastor Bob Barker of the Fairmont Church is a key leader for revival in this part of the country.  Pray for him and all of these people.
  • IN NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS, November 29-December 4. Pastor Cranston Knowles contacted me some time ago about preaching in the “Selah Conference on Revival” in his church, and I have been glad to do it.  As I send you this report, we have seen several people saved (although this conference is directed to meeting the need of believers), well-attended services, good prayer meetings, and wonderful answers to prayer.  There is a great need for revival among the saints in the Bahamas, and I would ask you to pray for us today.

I am keeping on the go the rest of 2015, and hope that you will keep praying for me and for revival where I go.  Next, I am to be at Baptist College of Ministry to teach a block class on First Corinthians.  On the 27th of December I will be preaching in end-of-the year services at Willis Baptist Church of Willis, Michigan.  I will also have some time with my wife and my family for the Christmas holidays, and intend to rest and recharge.

The Lord is good, and always ready to revive His people.  We see it every month, and thank Him for His mercy and faithfulness.


Acts 1:8

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