January, 2016 Prayer Update



We eagerly entered 2016 as the Lord opened the doors to serve Him, and we have appreciated the many friends (such as you) who were praying for us.  Here is where I went and some of what happened in answer to our prayers.  In the month of January, the Lord had me preaching for revival in different venues and places.  Here is where.

  • A REVIVAL CAMPAIGN AT BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH IN MATTOON, ILLINOIS, January 3-8. Pastor Ryan Hayden (whom some of you know from his work on the internet) asked me to come down and help in this effort.  He leads a good church with a blessed history, and his people love and respect him.  The Lord had me preach revival truth every service, at first from the talk Jesus  gave His disciples the night before He died (recorded in John 13-17).  We saw several very special answers to prayer, and held two revival prayer meetings after church.  Pastor and others expressed their belief that God had done much good for us spiritually.  Mattoon is the home of the original “Burger King” restaurant, which was established before the chain and I got to eat there, and left town with a t-shirt!  Nearby is the log cabin home of Thomas Lincoln, the president’s father, where he lived when Abraham practiced law in Springfield.  Some of us visited it during the week.  We were all glad to see Mark attend the revival services.  His wife Casey is a church-member, but Mark had not yet received Jesus.  But the Lord spoke to Him in the meetings, and before the end of the week orchestrated a meeting of the three of us to discuss salvation and assurance.  Mark’s wife was helped with assurance at that meeting, and the Sunday after the campaign, Mark was saved.  God did wonderful things for us at Mattoon.
  • SPIRITUAL AWAKENING CONFERENCE AT FALLS BAPTIST CHURCH AND THE BAPTIST COLLEGE OF MINISTRY, January 11-13. It was my joy to speak at this important beginning-of-the-year conference kicking of the second semester of the college year along with my friend, Evangelist David Young.  The conference is aimed at the students, but seeks revival in the church.  However, this time God did more than we expected.  Many, many decisions for God were made by Christians day after day, and a spirit of revival prevailed.  Also, more than one lost soul from outside the membership and the student body was saved.  God really did revive us again.
  • SUNDAY AT LAGRANGE BAPTIST CHURCH, LAGRANGE, INDIANA, January 10. On my way to Wisconsin for the Conference, I got to preach at this good church, and see the Lord use the truth to help His people.  In addition to the many friends we saw in the services, on Sunday night there were a dozen cadets from the famous Howe Military School visiting.  The theme of the day was agreeing with God and getting on His side, and many of us did.
  • TEACHING “BAPTISTS AND REVIVAL” AT THE BAPTIST COLLEGE OF MINISTRY, January 12-20. In addition to participating in the Conference, I came to Falls Baptist Church in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, to teach this important class to five sharp seminary students.  These and other college block classes present a phenomenal opportunity to influence future Christian leaders about revival truth and important principles of life and ministry.
  • SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE AT THE SHAWANO BAPTIST CHURCH IN SHAWANO, WISCONSIN, January 17. While I was in Wisconsin, the door opened for me to help a new church planted through the Falls Baptist Church, and led by my friend, evangelist (now pastor) Matt Weber.  We had a great service, with two coming forward at the invitation for salvation (one got saved, and the other got assurance), and two making important dedication decisions.  This band of believers will prove to be a significant light in a dark place, and actually already is.
  • MIDWEEK SERVICE AT MUKWONAGO BAPTIST CHURCH, MUKWONAGO, WISCONSIN, January 20. Pastor Rhon Roberts asked me to preach at his amazing church while I was in the Milwaukee area, and the Lord had me speak on increasing our faith (from Luke 17).  It was a very good meeting.  Then on the weekend after I left Wisconsin, I was set to fly east to participate in the ordination of Dustin Clidence, a fine young man to whom we ministered at Juniata Baptist Church.  They were to happen in Franklin, Maryland.  However, the huge snow event that you all heard about cancelled it all, and I didn’t go.  Instead I went home and was involved in remarkable days of revival at the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport (which continue to this day).
  • REVIVAL CAMPAIGN AT BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH IN NORTH PORT, FLORIDA, beginning January 31. Pastor Marc Knoedler, with whom I served for years at Juniata, shepherds this good church and I am looking forward to what God will do in these meetings.  Do pray for us.

Pastor Knoedler and I are giving the effort at North Port the themes of evangelism and revival.  It will continue through the 3rd at the Bethel Baptist Church of North Port, Florida.  Pray for this and other revival activities in February.  There will be the Florida Symphony of Prayer at the Westgate Baptist Church in Tampa, February 4-5.  I will preach in a revival campaign at the Bible Baptist Church of New Port Richey, Florida, February 6-11.  Toni and I will speak at a Couples’ Retreat at Victory Baptist Church of Marysville, Michigan, with the theme “Marriage in Paradise” on February 13, and then I am to speak in the Sunday services on the 14th.  I am going to participate in a Prayer Retreat for the Victory Conference, to be held February 16-17 in Michigan.  Pray for an eight-day revival campaign where I will be preaching at the Melvin Baptist Church of Melvin, Michigan, February 21-28.  And then remember the Victory Conference at Falls Baptist Church, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, which begins on Monday.

Remember the following revival events in prayer, and attend them as you can: (1) The Victory Conference at Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, February 29-March 3.  The theme is the “Bended Knee,” and the speakers will include R.B. Ouellette, Harold Vaughan, Jim and Wayne Van Gelderen, Phil Prettyman and me; (2) The Western Revival Conference, March 28-April 1, at the Prince Albert Baptist Church in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  Dr. Jim Van Gelderen and Pastor Dave Webster will join me on the platform of this very important and helpful annual meeting in Canada; and (3) The “History of Revival” class at Indiana Baptist College in Indianapolis, May 9-13.  In addition I would implore you to pray as God leads you for the revival movement we are seeing in our own church, which has already produced personal revivals, and many revival prayer meetings.  God had me come home early to be involved.  So keep on praying for us!



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