The Month of June 2016

In the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders

Thanks again for praying for us, and for revival among God’s people everywhere. Probably this will be my last report this summer, unless something most unusual happens, so please read it all. I will plan to send the next update at the end of August. Here is where the Lord had me serving this past month.

• The “Waiting on God” Conference at the Victory Baptist Church of Marysville, Michigan, June 5-8. These were phenomenal days, actually beginning with a prayer meeting on Friday night the 3rd, and they were characterized by amazing answers to prayer! The concept of waiting on God has to do with prayer, and we were all learning what God will do for us if we depend on Him to keep His commitments to us, and expect Him to come through every time. Beyond the remarkable answers to prayer during the conference, we also saw great changes in lives, as people came to Christ and Christians made important revival decisions. This church is being built on revival truth, and they are seeing the supernatural week by week. Their pastor, Brother Don Barth, is our good friend and ally in the Cause. And on Tuesday the 7th, a meeting was held at the church of pastors interested in seeing a significant conference on revival happen in our own state of Michigan, and God made the meeting most productive. Expect announcements about such a gathering in 2017 to be coming before long.

• “Faith-Promise Day” at Ann Arbor Baptist Church (June 12). We enjoyed a very good day at this very good church in the home-town of the University of Michigan. The emphasis of the three services was on missions and giving. Their new pastor, Jonathan Barber, is a friend of mine, and just the right man to shepherd the flock. We studied what is taught about our mission and Christian missions in Acts 1:8, the tenth chapter of Romans, and in Acts 13. God helped us see the importance of giving worldwide evangelization the priority in our lives, of being filled with the Holy Spirit, of commitment to service and giving in the church, and of being willing to do anything the Lord wants us to do. May God keep on blessing and using this church! Pray for them, and for Pastor Barber.

• The Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration for Dr. and Mrs. Dean Bryan (June 18). For many years, Brother Bryan was a coworker of mine at the Juniata Baptist Church, serving as Assistant Pastor and Principle of Juniata Christian School. Many of you know him. On this Saturday, a gathering took place of many family-members and friends to rejoice in the Bryans’ fifty years of marriage, to celebrate Dr. Bryan’s birthday, and to thank the Lord for the Bryans’ selfless service to Christ and to very many of us! I planned this month so that I could be home for this, and also for Father’s Day since our daughter Bonnie came “home” from Florida for the Bryans’ open-house. Dr. Bryan is my friend, and a wonderful man of God.

• The Revival Campaign at Brentwood Baptist Church of Des Plaines, Illinois, June 26-29. I returned to this Chicago-land church for the second time to seek the Lord for a revival. And God sent revival. These were amazing days! Many, many men, women, and kids, settled important issues between them and the Lord by letting God have His way. Half-way through, Pastor Daryl York and some others asked if I could stay for an extended campaign through at least Friday, and although I eventually saw that I could not, the church had a Thursday night meeting without me where they met powerfully with the Lord again. Pray for these folks that they will live and work in revival in the months and years ahead, and reach the multitudes for Christ who live around them in this very populated and spiritually needy area.

This summer is unusual in that my efforts will focus on promoting the cause of revival in the state where I live. I will conduct the Bridgeport Revival Seminar for several weeks at our home church. If you can attend at least one night’s session, anyone in Michigan who is reading this update will enjoy coming to the Seminar, which will be held July 18, July 25, August 1, August 8, and August 15. The material that will be taught is taken from outlines used in seminars I have taught across the country. It will inform those who attend about Bible doctrine, scripture content, philosophy of ministry, and Christian history. You will know what revival is and basically how to get it, after you come to one session. It would be ideal for you to attend all five sessions, but if you miss a few, or even attend only one, you will gain a lot of information and inspiration. The Seminar will be held at the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, Michigan (where God has been moving in revival for months), but it is open to everybody. The Monday sessions will all start at 7 p.m., will last two hours, and will be followed by a prayer meeting. The address is 2400 King Road, Saginaw. You should inform the church that you are coming (call 989.777.0210) as soon as possible. If you plan to attend any of the Seminar, and/or if you are bringing a group from your church, we need to get ready for you. Ask God to make the Bridgeport Revival Seminar a blessing to believers all over Michigan, and also to use it to promote revival among our own members. Call me this week with your questions about it (my number is 989.863.0784).
Pastors making plans for evangelistic efforts this fall should consider the Book of John Project. I have attached information about this plan to evangelize challenge people in your community by challenging them to read the Book of John in 30 days. Pastors should also take note of the Summer Preaching Conference on Tuesday nights at First Baptist Church of Bridgeport this summer. Call the church to find out who will be preaching when. Also some of you can touch base with me at the following Michigan churches where I will be preaching in July and August: July 10 up north at Ontonagon Baptist Church Sunday morning; July 17 at Landmark Baptist Church in Clio; July 24 at Fellowship Baptist Church in Clarklake; July 31 at Melvin Baptist Church; August 7 at Beth Haven Baptist Church in Sheridan (near Greenville); August 14 at Fostoria Baptist Church; and August 21-25 in a revival campaign at the Grace Baptist Church of Eaton Rapids. We should not forget to pray about the big political conventions that are set for this summer, for efforts being made by Christians to spread the Gospel at these events, and also for the effect politics will have on the future of our nation.

Thank you for all you do for Christ, and specifically for praying for us.


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