A Good Month, Prayer Update for October 2016

What Happened in the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in October 2016

Thank you very much, my friend, for being a partner in prayer for the cause of revival, and for following our work this past month.    Let me review with you where I went in October, and where I am to go to preach for revival in the days ahead.  In October I was in these churches and saw the Lord do these things:

  • Brentwood Baptist Church, Des Plaines, Illinois. Coming north from Alabama, I stopped in the Chicago area to preach on Sunday, October 2, in this church where we saw some revival this past summer.  The sermon Sunday morning was on the single eye, as Jesus called it in Matthew 6:22-23.  The context (verses 19-33) explains this strange metaphor and lays out our Lord’s challenge that His disciples stay focused on His kingdom.  We are the light of the world, and when we lose our focus, our light dims.  This truth seemed to have a real impact on this very promising congregation.
  • On Monday October 3, I was a speaker at the annual “Old-School Gathering,” at the Fundamental Baptist Church of Kinross in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I got to speak from the book of Habakkuk on “Revival Praying,” and Pastor Rader had me announce some of the things that are going on in our state about revival.  I mentioned both the Michigan Revival Conference, which will take place first in the Flint/Saginaw area, June 18-21, and then up at Kinross with meetings June 22-25. I also described the movement across the state for revival, which is being manifested in monthly days of prayer in the churches.  If you live in my state, and don’t know about this, I hope you will get hold of me and let me tell you.  My number is 989.863.0784.
  • Finger Lakes Baptist Church, Geneva, New York. Toni and drove across Ontario on October 8 to New York State, where I was set to preach in revival meetings at this country church.  We had good services and responsive people on Sunday, when I preached how a soul comes to Jesus, and on how we all are to deal with our sins.  Then on Monday Pastor Somerville and I got to point a young man to Christ in his grandfather’s front yard (where he had been mowing the lawn), and we heard him pray and receive Christ.  Good numbers of people attended the services, as the Lord led us down the revival road through the principles of holy living to the mission of the church to evangelize the community.  The Lord did good things in everybody’s life.  We are expecting greater things ahead as the church labors together with God.
  • Landmark Baptist Church, Clio, Michigan. This growing and healthy church planned a revival campaign for October 16-19, based on the theme of harvest.  Harvest was the theme of my sermons on Sunday from Matthew 9, and it came up in some application pretty well every night.  Some of the people made big decisions at the public invitations.  We saw good things happen with young people and important prayers prayed by many who gathered.  Pray that God will take this church, which is led by our son John, into full revival, with the result being that great harvest.
  • Grass Lake Baptist Church, Grass Lake, Michigan. An unusual combination of a missions conference and a revival campaign was led by Pastor Tim Butterfield, October 23-26, at this good church, and I was the key-note speaker.  The church has grown quite a bit in the months and years, since I was here last for a set of meetings based on the Book of John Project.  These were well-attended services which started out with a whole Sunday on Acts 1:8.  People grew in their understanding, and several made significant revival decisions.
  • Faith Baptist Church, Hamilton, Ontario. On October 29 I drove from home to Hamilton, Ontario, for a conference with the theme “Greater Love.”  Hamilton was the site in 1857 of one of the most extensive and powerful revivals in history.  I am glad to help this fine pastor and his earnest congregation down the revival road.  I will report on what happens next month.

In November and December I hope to get into Michigan churches to promote the cause of revival in connection with the days of prayer and the Michigan Revival Conference next June.  I will also teach and preach at the New England Baptist College and the Baptist College of Ministry, and speak at the Pastors’ Prayer Seminar in Martinsville, Indiana (at the Baptist Tabernacle), all day on December 1.  Pray for me regularly the rest of the year, and call me if you think I can help the cause where you are.


My advice to my American friends is to pray for wisdom (James 1:5) as you prepare to vote, seek the counsel of your pastor and other godly leaders, refrain from the discord that has arisen among believers over political issues (let’s not allow the drama and rancor of the election campaign to put us out of fellowship with God and to undermine revival), and keep everything in perspective.  Whatever the outcome of the election, it won’t be the end of the world, and God will still be on the throne.  Our interest in government matters is that the rulers will leave us alone to live for Christ and spread the Gospel without harassment (find this in First Timothy 2:1-6).  Our duty to decide on the issues that come before us will compel Christians to go to the polls, and to make wise decisions with our ballots.  Unfortunately, we have never in all the history of our republic, had the opportunity to vote for a godly candidate to be president, who was/is without disturbing flaws in his/her faith and character.  The candidates from the major parties this time are especially distasteful personally, but the choice in every presidential election has been between two or more flawed politicians.  My vote has never been cast in full support of a person who was running, but fundamentally on the principles for which he professes to stand.  Let’s be sure to pray for our country on Election Day.  Perhaps we can open the church house for people to come and seek the face of the Lord on November 8.

May the Lord bless you today!


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