A Notable November, 2016

Reporting on the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in November of 2016

Again let me thank you for praying for us in recent weeks, and give you an idea of what the Lord has had me doing for the cause of revival.  In November, I served Him in the following places:

  • FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH OF HAMILTON, ONTARIO. These were revival services from October 29 through the first of the month.  In an unusual way of doing it, we began the campaign with a big banquet on Saturday night to celebrate the anniversary of the church’s founding.  The people brought twenty visitors to the banquet, many of whom did not yet know Christ!  A friend and I were enabled by the Holy Spirit to lead one such man to Jesus after the service.  Another visitor to the banquet came back on Tuesday and got saved!  We learned of the abundant life through Tuesday, November 1, from the words of the Lord Jesus in the book of John, and saw phenomenal response in the congregation!  There was a real measure of revival in this church!
  • FAITHWAY BAPTIST CHURCH AND COLLEGE IN AJAX, ONTARIO. Before leaving Canada, I got to preach in chapel at the well-respected FaithWay Baptist College, and then in the midweek service of the sponsoring church.  The Lord was with us in a manifest way both times.  I spoke about revival praying to the students and some teachers in the morning, and on responding to chastening at night.  God moved and many people moved toward Him in response.  Now Pastor Wall and I are praying about holding revival meetings in the future, as God leads.  I think FaithWay needs revival, and that many in the church are thirsty for it.
  • NEW ENGLAND BAPTIST COLLEGE. Next I drove across New York to Connecticut on November 3 to preach at the New England Baptist College and its great sponsoring church.  This place holds some important memories for me on the revival road, as we saw definite movements of revival there more than once several years ago.  I love Pastor Jim Townsley and the good people of this visionary church.  When the college was founded, the idea was to train people who would be engaged in planting churches across New England.  Church-planting is at the heart of the education at NEBC, both in the classroom and in the harvest field.  Young people looking to be trained for ministry should look hard at some of the smaller colleges, like this one and FaithWay, which have high academic standards as well as the right spiritual perspective.  I preached in the college chapel on Friday and Monday about prayer meetings.  I also spoke in the stewardship banquet of the church on Saturday night, encouraging us all from the Bible to look for God to do supernatural things through a free-will offering for the paying off of the church/college debt.  Then I got to preach on Sunday about faith (in the morning) and about revival (in the evening service).  We are planning for a full revival campaign here in a few years, as the Lord leads us.
  • CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH OF SOUTHINGTON, CONNECTICUT. On Sunday the sixth I preached at the church, where the New England Baptist College is located.  There is a growing spirit of revival here, and I hope you will pray for them.  Then I drove home.
  • NEW HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH IN GRAND BLANC, MICHIGAN. On Wednesday night, November 9, I spoke at this church near Flint, Michigan.  Pastor Earnhart asked me to come and help him promote the revival efforts in our state, including participation in the Michigan Revival Conference next June, and involvement in the monthly days of prayer all over our state.
  • FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH OF BELVEDERE, ILLINOIS. I met this good pastor, I believe, at the Victory Conference, and look forward to a revival campaign with the church in 2017.  We had a wonderful day, guided by Acts 9:31 (read my new article on “The Reprieve.”
  • INDIANA BAPTIST COLLEGE. I got to minister to the fine student body at the school in Indianapolis founded by Ford Porter (author of “God’s Simple Plan of Salvation”) by preaching in chapel and promoting the cause of revival.  This is another fine small college that ought to have the attention of Christian families.  Their president, Paul Reed, believes in revival, and lives it.
  • CROSSROADS BAPTIST CHURCH OF INDIANAPOLIS. On Wednesday night, November 30, I got to speak again at this wonderful church, once shepherded by the beloved Charley Kittrell.  It is prospering, and is nurturing several baby believers.  Great to be with them again!

Election Day, November 8.  Nov. ‘16 is notable because of several notable events, such as the election.

Toni’s Birthday, November 10.  My godly wife enjoyed a good birthday celebration this month, and we had a good time at a meal at Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth, America’s best-known family restaurant.

Veterans’ Day, November 11.  This month brings us the day set aside to remember our veterans, who jeopardized their lives so that we might be spared from harm and tyranny.  Thank God for their sacrifice.

Thanksgiving Day, November 24.  We are glad and grateful this year that we again observed a national holiday dedicated to giving thanks to our Creator.  Of course, we Christians observed Thanksgiving, but we also were thankful that it is still being observed in the United States.  Pray for our leaders and for the multitudes in spiritual need across America.

In December, I am to preach on the first Lord’s Day at the wonderful North Love Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois, before going to teach a course on sanctification at Baptist College of Ministry.  As the New Year begins, I am to preach here in Michigan at Willis Baptist Church on New Year’s Day.  Please note that at the beginning of 2017, I will be teaching History of Revival at Baptist College of Ministry, January 9 through 20.  You ought to get hold of the College (262.251.7051) about coming to the campus to take this seminary course for audit or credit.  It really is a life-changing experience.  A “Prayer Encounter” with Evangelist Tom Palmer will be held at Camp Victory in Samson, Alabama, January 5-7, and I am to take part.  I will be preaching all day at the Faith Baptist Church, Temple, Texas, on January 22.  We will lead the important Pastors’ Meeting for the Michigan Revival Conference (June 18-25, 2017) at the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport on January 26 at 11 a.m.  All preachers in Michigan should plan to attend it.  I should tell you that Edgar Feghaly, evangelist to the Middle East, is taking a group to Erbil in Kurdistan (northern Iraq) on a medical mission that will attend to physical needs of the poor and also conduct Gospel meetings next May.  He is asking now that if you are a doctor or a nurse or a dentist, you consider joining the group.  Reach him at 865.250.4406 or at feg@mapmissions.org.  As you may know, I have been to Erbil and have a continuing burden for the Christians and the work of Christ in that region.   Let’s all keep on, my friend, calling upon the Lord to do great things around the world.


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