The Rest of April, 2017

Preaching for Revival in April of 2017


Our friends may remember that the last update we gave reported on ministry through March and up through the Revival Tour of Israel, which ended on April 4.  Now let me tell you where I preached in the rest of April.

  • LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH of South Bend, Indiana, in a revival campaign April 9-14. Here is a church that has seen miracles come in answer to believing prayer within the past number of months, but is in need of a new revival.  Revival is a process that is needed in individual lives and in churches periodically because of our human nature’s tendency to be “prone to wander.”  Pray for this lighthouse in the dark city that is home to Notre Dame University to experience a powerful revival in the days ahead.  Their pastor is Joe Risinger, a servant of God I have known and appreciated for years.  We had a very good week, beginning with sermons on the devil, but many of the needs and satanic attacks continue.  I am confident that the Lord will enable their pastor to lead the church into a new season of blessing.  I have met with him and prayed with him since this important week.
  • WESTERN REVIVAL CONFERENCE at the Prince Albert Baptist Church in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, April 16-19. Unger London, Ontario.  We preached on Easter Sunday in the church, and some folks came to Christ and got saved.  Then both of us spoke each evening on truths that lead to revival.  Pastor Unger, for instance, preached from both Romans 6 and Second Corinthians 4, two principle revival passages.  A death in the congregation sent him back home on Wednesday for the funeral on Thursday.  I was led by God to preach Monday through Wednesday from Acts 19 on “A City Conquered by God.”  You may have studied this chapter before, with the account of the revival in Ephesus that brought the evangelization of the province of Asia, and the founding of many churches, including the seven to which the book of Revelation is written.  It is amazing how the Lord used Paul to take a small, confused, and spiritually powerless congregation of disciples of Jesus, and transformed them into Spirit-filled witnesses who sowed the Gospel all over their city and the surrounding province, and eventually saw the Word of God triumph in a pagan stronghold.  It presents a pattern for us to follow.  Pray for the Christians in Canada and in Prince Albert in particular to yield to Christ in such a way that their cities are conquered!
  • THE MENS’ RETREAT at Camp Joy in Whitewater, Wisconsin, with the men from the Falls Baptist Church of Menomonee Falls, April 21-22. These were amazing days!  About a hundred men from one of my favorite churches, as well as some from outside the congregation who were invited and came, joined us for time away at this beautiful campground.  It was mostly preaching and praying, and not just fun.  I got to speak on “Pentecost” from Acts 2, and the Lord gave us a measure of revival, without a doubt.  The revival on the great day of Pentecost came on the basis of (1) agreement (not just with each other, but with God); (2) partnering with God (they were filled with the Holy Spirit); (3) beginning to speak (as witnesses for Christ, speaking the Gospel to everybody); and having something to say.  The men were great, and showing in their words and on their faces the wonderful spiritual work God is now doing in the church through an emphasis on spending quality time with God.
  • GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH of Appleton, Wisconsin, in a revival campaign April 23-28. Some time ago, Pastor Randy Graham and I planned special revival meetings, and it seemed that they came at just the right time.  To me, revival at Grace Baptist began to be evident first on Sunday.  I explained the gift and ministry of the evangelist from the book of Luke in the Sunday school hour.  Then we examined the repentance exhorted for times of refreshing in Acts 3 during the morning service, and saw many respond publicly to the truth.  Again the congregation was responsive in the evening service as I preached on the special people in Matthew 12 who “do the will” of God as they go through life.  May we all be among them.  The Lord met with us night after night that week, and many issues and problems were addressed.  We thank Him for refreshing and reviving this good church.  Pray for them as (in my view) they get a new start.
  • DIXIE BAPTIST CHURCH of Clarkston, Michigan, on a Sunday (April 30) emphasizing revival and prayer. In concert with the revival movement in Michigan, Pastor Todd Vanaman of this well-appreciated church in the Pontiac area (have you seen their huge sign on I-75 that asks, “Are you on the right road?”) asked if I could come and teach the congregation about revival, and praying for it.  It was a good day, with many committing to pray, and some to fast and pray, for revival in their lives, in their church, in our state, and in the world.  I think the pastor was following the Lord’s leading to give this day (right after meetings with Evangelist Wil Rice) to the need for revival.  May God respond to the response of His people to His call for revival.

Thank you for praying for us.  Now keep on remembering me in May.  May 2-4 I am to pray and minister at the Michigan Revival Conference Pastors’ Prayer Retreat at Camp Co-Be-Ac.  May 7-12 I will be preaching in a revival campaign at the young Shawano Baptist Church in Shawano, Wisconsin.  May 16 and 17 I will be at the Canaan Baptist Church of Covington, Georgia, for the Bended Knee Pastors’ Prayer Seminar on Tuesday and for a similar seminar on prayer for the church members on Wednesday.  I am also to preach for the church, which is led by Pastor Billy Ingram, on Wednesday night.  May 21-26 the National Conference on Prayer and Revival is happening again at the Greater Cumberland Baptist Church of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and I will be speaking the first half of the week.  And May 28 through June 4, we will be at the Victory Baptist Church of Sherwood Park, Alberta, for a revival campaign.

Please notice where I am day after day, and pray for my revival ministry on that day.  Keep on praying for the Michigan Revival Conference, and the revival movement in Michigan.  May God use the preparations for this conference in June (check the website at to bring revival in many places and in many hearts!


Acts 1:8

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