The Summer So Far, July 2017


Here is a brief listing of what has been going on and will be happening in our lives and our work this summer, sent out especially to friends who pray for us.

  • The month of June was consumed largely, as we have noted in the previous update, to ministry that prepared for the Michigan Revival Conference. Of course, the Lord answered many prayers and did wonderful things in the Conference services from the lower to the upper peninsulas of our state, June 18-25.  May I suggest that you visit the website at and experience the blessings of this gathering through the twenty-nine sermons preached by my pastor, Dr. R.B. Ouellette, myself, Pastor Don Barth, Evangelist Jim Van Gelderen, and Evangelist Dave Young.  On July 27, a meeting was held to discuss what the Lord is doing among us and to seek His leading about what we should do now to spread the spirit of revival in our state.
  • You will be interested to know that the Ministry 127 website has published an article of mine about the place called Calvary, which will be a help and inspiration to folks who spread the Good News of what happened there. You can find it at
  • Benny Beckum has published an article I wrote about what the Lord is doing today in his prayer/revival magazine The Intercessor. You may want to read it, and you will want to find out about this publication.  Contact this important revival ministry at
  • I was involved in a meeting of preachers on July 25 down in Cleveland about the upcoming Ohio Revival Conference, and really saw the Lord at work. It was well-attended and very encouraging.  The Conference will be held September 24, 25, 26, and 27, at the Cleveland Baptist Church, 4431 Tiedeman Road, Brooklyn, Ohio.  I will be among the speakers, as will Pastor Kevin Folger, Dr. Charles Keen, and Brother Billy Ingram.  The Conference will be unique, significant, and focused.  I urge you to pray for the churches of Ohio and for this effort to promote revival.  I also ask you to encourage your friends in Ohio to contact Cleveland Baptist Church for more information, and to ask how they can help us put this together.  We are looking to God and His people to give us guidance, finances, choir-members, and a passion for the Lord.  Lots of good things are happening.  On August 24, another “Bended Knee” pastors’ prayer seminar will be held at the Broadview Heights Baptist Church (in the Cleveland area) with an eye to the upcoming revival conference.  Pray for God to satisfy the thirst for Him that He has generated in Ohio and other places, and to bring about a great revival.  The preachers’ meeting ended with a powerful prayer meeting, and the Lord was present to lead and encourage our praying.
  • The Christ Life Conference, led by Evangelist John Van Gelderen, will be held at the Ann Arbor (Michigan) Baptist Church, very soon, August 6-9. This is always a very helpful event, clarifying for those who attend the facts and ways of the abiding-in-Jesus life.  I will be one of the speakers this year, and I urge all of our friends to check it out (at and pray for it.  It will surely be used of God to further the revival movement in Michigan, and also to give revived people the help we need to live the revived life.
  • Right now (July 30-August 6), Toni and I are headed out west for a revival campaign at the Bethel Baptist Church of Salem, Oregon (July 30-August 2), and for a conference on evangelism at the Grace Baptist Church of Rochester, Washington (August 4-6). Pray for us, and for these good churches.  Ask the Lord to revive and inform His people, and also to save lost souls.  I’ll let you know what happens.
  • Later in August, I am to preach in a Conference on Prayer at the Madison Baptist Church in Madison (near Huntsville), Alabama, and in a revival conference at the Faith Baptist Church in Belvidere, Illinois. So keep praying for me, and maybe you can attend!
  • Right now you ought to pray about about making plans to attend a couple of good, revival-oriented meetings in the days ahead that can really help you and others you bring with you: The Bended Knee Pastors’ Prayer Seminar at the Broadview Heights Baptist Church outside Cleveland, to be held on August 24 (Pastor Wayne Van Gelderen and I will be the teachers, and Pastor Joel Royalty will be the host—call the church for more information at 440.546.1870); The Church Triumphant Conference at the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, Michigan, October 16-17: they are asking us to register now at
  • Do you know about the historic Solar Eclipse that will be seen in America on August 21? Now what will this have to do with revival?  It is being said that the best place to view it will be Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  You can find out all about this at  In this city is the wonderful revival-oriented Greater Cumberland Baptist Church, led by Pastor Ken Shaver (, which will be spear-heading evangelistic efforts among the thousands that are expected to crowd the town on this day.  Maybe you ought to consider going there to help out!
  • I was part of another meeting of pastors passionate for revival on July 27. It was at the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport, Michigan, and was held to discuss what we can do to spread and sustain the spirit of revival in our churches in the days ahead.  The meeting was productive and encouraging, and attended by the Lord.  I will appreciate it if you will keep on praying for revival in the churches of my state.

Thank you for your friendship and your prayers, and also for reading this report.  May God bless and use you today!  RICK FLANDERS

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