Revival Events, September, 2017

An Important Report at the End of September 2017 from the Revival Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders

Wonderful things happened this past month for the cause of spiritual revival, and new manifestations of the movement back to God among His people are coming in October.  Thank you for letting me inform you on these things, and also on my work, so that you can pray.  We appreciate you very much.  In the month of September, I was involved in these things:

  • The revival campaign at Grace Baptist Church of Springfield, Illinois, September 3-6: good meetings, especially for the church. Bob Shaw, a wonderful servant of Christ, is leading this good congregation between official pastors.  My sermons were on and for revival, and were based on the book of Revelation (including chapters 2-3, 4-5, 7 & 14, 12, and 22).  The final message was on “Behold, I Come Quickly,” proclaiming the imminence of Christ’s coming.  On Tuesday we attended a meeting for pastors in a nearby town, and I got to preach on “Turning the World Upside Down” from Acts 17, which we can pray gave these good men a new vision.
  • The revival campaign at West Salem Baptist Church in West Salem, Wisconsin, September 10-15: a needed renewal effort for a church we love that has been experiencing unusual trials. Day after day we saw the Lord work, and answer several prayers.  It was evident that the He was putting the folks back on the right track, and getting their eyes on Him.  Your prayers were really needed this week!  One sermon that seemed to help us from the first day was on being a “sitting duck” for the Devil.  According to the book of James, when we are living according to our own wishes, we are susceptible to temptation.  When we surrender to the will of God, we are delivered from Satan.
  • The revival campaign at Liberty Baptist Church in Fremont, Nebraska, September 17-22: a series of sermons based on the concept of the sealing of the Holy Spirit as the down payment on Heaven (“a foretaste of glory divine”). Again it was the congregation of believers that especially seemed to benefit from the sermons on revival truth.  We also had some good prayer meetings.  The folks said they were helped, and several made decisions publicly.
  • The Ohio Revival Conference in Cleveland, September 24-27: an important gathering focused on truths that generate revival among Christians. There was teaching on living the abundant life, preaching about seeking God for a revival when we need it, appeals for reaching every last nation with the Gospel, words about how badly we need revival, doctrine about prayer, a call for us to break up our fallow ground, and an appeal for revived Christians to reach their world.  The sessions were held, morning, afternoon, and night, at the Cleveland Baptist Church.  You can experience them by going to the church website.  Our speakers were Dr. Rick Flanders, Dr. Kevin Folger, Dr. Billy Ingram, and Dr. Charles Keen.  These meetings were very helpful, and we pray will have a good effect on the Cause of Christ in this state and everywhere.

Now, if you will, take note of these events in October, planned to promote revival, especially in Michigan, but also in far-away places:

  • Revival Campaign at Lagrange Baptist Church in Lagrange, Indiana, October 1-8.
  • A revival prayer meeting, especially for preachers, October 5 at 10 a.m. at the Fellowship Baptist Church in Clarklake, Michigan (south of Jackson).
  • A revival prayer meeting at the Grace Baptist Church of Gaylord, Michigan, on October 9 at 7 a.m.
  • A revival prayer meeting, especially for preachers, October 10 at 10 a.m. at the Landmark Baptist Church in Clio, Michigan (between Flint and Birch Run).
  • The “Revival Now” meeting at the Melvin Baptist Church (in Sanilac County, Michigan) at 7 p.m. on October 10.
  • The “Church Triumphant” conference at First Baptist Church of Bridgeport (near Saginaw, Michigan), October 16-17, led by Dr. R.B. Ouellette. Speakers will include.
  • Revival meetings at the Lifegate Bible Baptist Church in Tallaght (near Dublin), Ireland, October 15-20, where I’ll be preaching. Thanks to all who prayed and help for us to make this trip overseas!
  • Meetings in Ireland, October 29-31, with Missionary Oriel O’Gorman.
  • Special meetings at the church in Loanhead, Scotland, October 22, with Missionary Ben Shore.
  • Revival campaign at Gospel Baptist Church in Dublin, Ireland, November 1-5, with Pastor Les Hill.

Please pray for these efforts and events in October, even after they happen.  Prayer meetings and revival meetings continue their effects in the aftermath, and our prayers make a difference.  Thank you again for praying.


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