Looking Back at October, 2017

A Prayer Report by Evangelist Rick Flanders

An amazing and interesting month was spent by us in the ministry of Revival during October of 2017, and we want to thank all of our Christian friends who prayed for us!  We got to serve with these good men:

  • Pastor Jeff Farnham, of the Lagrange Baptist Church in Lagrange, Indiana. This was an eight-day revival campaign, running from October 1 through 8.  I began preaching the first Sunday at the chapel of the Howe Military Academy just a few miles from the church.  I preached the Gospel during the Sunday school hour, and we saw three cadets publicly receive Christ.  The Lord gave us several remarkable services at the church during this revival effort, and some revival was experienced by key members of the church.  Keep praying for Lagrange Baptist Church as they continue to pursue revival.  Some of their members have been appointed to leadership positions at the Howe school, and given them an open door to help young people.
  • Pastor David O’Gorman, of the Lifegate Bible Baptist Church in Tallaght, Ireland. This was a revival conference held nightly, October 15-18.  As you may know, Toni and I are familiar with this key revival-oriented congregation in Ireland, and we have been here before.  The Lord gave us good meetings, and the opportunity to help several needy people.  We saw some make important revival decisions.  Keep praying for Lifegate, and for Ireland.
  • Pastor Ben Shore, of the Free Baptist Church in Loanhead, Scotland. After a little time of sight-seeing in Ireland, Toni and I flew from Dublin to Edinburgh for our first visit to Scotland and the “U.K.”  I got to preach on Sunday the 22nd in the church, and at a pastors’ fellowship on the 24th.  The Lord blessed us at all these services, and I had the opportunity to witness to an older man without Christ.  Pray for Alex.  The preachers’ meeting was especially good, and both my wife and I got to speak (she, of course, to the wives, and I on the subjects of prayer meetings and revival).  Then we took off to tour the historic city of Edinburgh and on two days the beautiful Scottish highlands.  We had a great time, and the Shores were great hosts.  Brother Shore is somewhat of an expert on the religious history of the country, and was a significant help to us in understanding what has happened and is happening there.
  • Pastor Oriel O’Gorman, of the Arklow Baptist Church in Arklow, Ireland. We visited this church which is pastored by a friend of mine and I preached on Sunday the 29th.  I also got to go evangelizing in a nearby town (Enniscorthy) using the “Book of John Project” while we were here, and to preach at a family fellowship on the 31st.  There were some good doors opened to us in the door-to-door evangelism, centered on challenging people to read a special edition of the book of John in thirty days.  While going into County Wexford on my way to Enniscorthy, I recognized that we were going to be near the site of the final fight in the Irish Rebellion of 1798.  A large number of Irishmen (soldiers and civilians) were killed on Vinegar Hill, and before leaving the area, Toni and I got to visit the battlefield.

I am following an unusual schedule of ministry in November that puts me in three different countries.  Please do pray for me.  I am to preach in these places:

  • Gospel Baptist Church in Lucan, Ireland, November 1-5: these are revival meetings, centered on the family, beginning at a camp and ending in the church outside of Dublin;
  • Faith Chapel in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for the Bended Knee Pastors’ Prayer Seminar on November 9;
  • Pembina Valley Baptist Church in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada, November 12-14, a revival conference, partnering with evangelist Jacob Giesbrecht;
  • Haven Baptist Church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, November 16-20, a revival campaign; and
  • Calvary Baptist Church in Clintwood, Virginia, November 26-30, a revival campaign.

Revival prayer meetings are being organized and held across Michigan at this time in response to the Michigan Revival Conference this year.  Keep praying for the revival movements in this state and others, and keep your ears open for the sound of abundance of rain.  Thank you, friend.



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