Revival Abroad, November 2017

A Report on the Ministry of Dr. Rick Flanders in November of 2017

Thank you for praying for Toni and me.  We just finished a number of days of revival work overseas and in Canada, and more in another place.  Here is a rough summary of what happened:


  • Gospel Baptist Church in Lucan, November 1-5. Many of you know that the Lord sent Toni and me to Scotland and Ireland for revival work the last part of October, and that our stay continued into November.   In our last assignment across the sea, we really did witness a revival.  Pastor Les Hill had us begin the effort at a big house (formerly used as an orphanage) rented by the church for “family camp.”  Many of the families of the congregation got there on Wednesday, and we began a series of sermons on the theme of “Revival and the Family,” which continued through Sunday.  On the Lord’s Day we concluded with services in the church building back near Dublin.  God certainly answered the prayers we had been offering that He would revive the people of the church.  Many issues and sins were faced, cleansed, and settled, and many hearts were revived.  God put families on a solid biblical foundation and refreshed many of the saints.  Sunday Pastor said that it was the revival that they had been seeking.  Keep praying for them!


  • Pembina Valley Baptist Church in Winkler, Manitoba. Not long after getting back from overseas (we landed on November 7, and then I flew to Pennsylvania for another of those “Bended Knee” Pastors’ Prayer Seminars on the ninth), I took a plane up to Winnipeg, Manitoba, for a revival conference, Sunday through Tuesday, the twelfth through the fourteenth, at this remarkable church.  The other speaker was my friend, Evangelist Jacob Giesbrecht, virtually Canada’s only Baptist evangelist at this time.  The Lord Jesus took us by the hand and led us from scripture to scripture to reveal to us all the abundant life He came to give us.  And the people who attended responded remarkably.  In Sunday school we learned from Brother Giesbrecht about our appetites and how they affect our lives.  In the Sunday morning service, we saw our need to be cleansed.  Sunday night, we talked about abiding in Jesus.  There were big responses to the invitations all day, and the Lord was lifting us up (James 4:10).  It all continued the next couple of days (ask folks who were there), and the spirit of revival seemed to prevail, although some notable problems have not yet been cured through the submission of people to the will of God.  So keep praying for PVBC and for everyone touched by these meetings.
  • Berean Baptist Church in Winnipeg. I got to preach Wednesday night at this church, which we love and where we have held meetings in the past.  God had me teach on prayer meetings from Acts 12, and it was clear that the subject and the scripture were providentially appointed.
  • Haven Baptist Church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I finished this visit to Canada at this fine church where we have been before.  These were revival meetings, the sixteenth through the nineteenth.  And this was another place where we saw God answer the prayers of the pastor and others for spiritual revival.  Each night, important revival issues were addressed and truths taught, and Christians yielded to God.  We challenged ourselves to see if we could have unsaved people attend the service on Sunday morning, with the plan that I would preach a message prepared to introduce a person to Jesus Christ.  The city does not seem to have many receptive people, and you would not feel sure that lost folks would accept an invitation to church.  However the Lord responded to the faith of a number of His people who did step up and invite friends to church, and we had several folks with us who did not claim to be saved.  After the service and a sermon on receiving Christ, we had a banquet, and during this time many good people were in the auditorium explaining the way to God more thoroughly to visitors all over.  By the end of the day, we learned that at least one of them did receive Christ!


  • Calvary Baptist Church in Clintwood, Virginia, November 26-30. Coming back to the States carried me back to “old Virginnie,” the beautiful state where I was born.  Two independent Baptist churches cooperated in a revival effort, and I got to preach.  God brought many to the point of decision, and we saw a number saved in public school Bible clubs, many dedicate their lives to Christ in a Christian school chapel service, and also believers step up to higher ground in the night meetings.  I also spoke on a Christian radio station, and at a pastors’ banquet.    These were great open doors that the Lord used to advance His cause in this mountain area.

Coming up in the weeks before the end of the year, I am set to minister at the Baptist College of Ministry in Menomonee Falls (near Milwaukee), Wisconsin, teaching a class on the book of First Corinthians, November 6-14; to preach in a revival campaign at the Believers’ Baptist Church in Winona Lake, Indiana, December 17-21; and to participate in services planned to end 2017 and look forward to 2018 on December 31 at the Willis Baptist Church in Willis, Michigan.  Do attend such events when you can.

My class on Baptists and Revival will be taught at the Baptist College of Ministry (visit their website at) January 8-18.  It is a seminary course that is a Bible class, a history class, a theology class, as well as a course on philosophy of ministry.  It is so helpful every time it is offered that the school has a way to make it available to folks in ministry.  Phone them at 262.251.7051.  You can take it for credit or audit, and stay in town with a reasonable charge for housing and food.  Pray about joining us for these days.

The Victory Conference (an important revival conference held annually at the Falls Baptist Church in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin) will take place in 2018, February 26 through March 1.  This is another event you should consider making plans to attend.  Find all the information you need at

We have, all these years, appreciated Christian friends who pray for us and this ministry of revival.  Thank you especially for the way you have helped us this year.



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