This past month I have spent my time and ministry in conferences across the country which had the unmistakable Spirit of Revival.  The spirit of revival is a real thing—something that can be felt.  Actually it is the influence of the Holy Spirit on the people of God to bring them to revival.  Take a look at the following passages that speak of the revival spirit: Isaiah 4:3-4, Ezekiel 39:28-29, Joel 2:28-29, Micah 3:8, Zechariah 12:10, and Luke 11:5-13.  There is an increasing interest among fundamental Christians in getting together to talk with our Bibles open about revival.  Here are places I went in February to do this:

  • A PRAYER CONFERENCE IN ROGERS, ARKANSAS (February 4-7). The Gospel Light Baptist Church in this town next to Walmart headquarters in Bentonville is where members of Dr. Earl Jessup’s family are members.  Of course, Brother Jessup, a pioneer in biblical church planting, went to Heaven in 2016.  His wife, one of his daughters and her husband, and several of his grandchildren, serve the Lord Jesus under the leadership of Pastor Noel Cwenar in this remarkable church.  For a few years the church has observed what they call “The February Fast” with many members fasting and praying during the month to address problems that call for divine intervention.  The Lord has blessed the church and glorified His name in many ways in connection with the February Fast, and this year they decided to have a conference on prayer.  I was thrilled to speak for this conference, and we were blessed to take steps as a group to higher ground in our spiritual lives.  We learned a lot, prayed a lot, and also saw some answers to prayer before the conference was over!  The church is praying for revival, and I will ask you to pray for them.  Our time was spent mainly in the book of Matthew and in the teachings of Jesus.
  • THE JUBILEE CONFERENCE IN FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA (February 10-14). With dual themes of the family and revival, the amazing Fargo Baptist Church (home of the Master’s Baptist College) conducted its annual conference, and asked me to be the primary speaker.  We got off to an interesting start with me spending a day stranded at O’Hare airport in Chicago, grounded because of bad weather.  Because of delayed, cancelled, and missed flights, I failed to show up for the first services of the conference, which were held on Saturday.  However, I finally did arrive in Fargo Saturday night, and Pastor Tony Scheving had me preach three times on Sunday.  We began by going to the book of Ephesians, and learning Sunday and Monday about how the real Christian life benefits family life.  We also saw in that book how the family is supposed to work and how we can combat the devil.  Then on Tuesday we learned from Jesus how to live the real Christian life (John 15—“Abide in Me”).  Then we saw in the book of Acts on Wednesday how Spirit-filled living and family life fit into what God is doing in the world.  We also saw how one word in Acts 16:33 (“straightway”) helps us experience joy as we follow God’s plan.  The Lord gave us a wonderful climax to the conference, with many at the invitation deciding to settle issues with God.  Among the people helped were folks who got saved, some who received assurance, some who decided to be baptized, and Christians who made revival decisions. The previous night we had held a prayer meeting based upon Matthew 18:18-20 and saw God glorify His name by granting a number of remarkable answers to prayer on Wednesday.  The Lord really heard us and gave revival blessings, for which we are yet praising Him.
  • THE BIBLE CONFERENCE AT PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE (February 19-21). I was happy to take part in this annual event on the campus of a college we know and love well.  Troy Shoemaker and his wife Denise are long-time friends, and our ministry here last year gave me special excitement about preaching revival truth to a very large assembly of students, staff, faculty, and others.  I got to speak in two services, and was led to talk about the abundant life from the Lord’s talk, recorded in John 13-17.  We had many receptive hearts, and were able (all of the speakers) to help people with serious spiritual issues.  It was a great week, and I got to preach in three Pensacola churches as well while I was there: the Grace Bible Baptist Church (led by Dr. Rubin Ruffin), the Haven Tabernacle Baptist Church (led by Pastor Stan Heindel), and the Pine Forest Estates Baptist Church (led by Pastor Joseph Johnson).  I see very good things being done by the Lord in this city, and am encouraged by a growing interest in revival.
  • THE VICTORY CONFERENCE IN MENOMONEE FALLS, WISCONSIN (February 26 through March 1). This gathering of earnest Christians has become one of the most important annual revival conferences in the country.  I was thrilled to speak to receptive crowds this year, along with wonderful men of God, such as Mark Gilmore, Wayne and Jim Van Gelderen, Michael Edwards, Jim Schettler, Wayne Hardy, and David O’Gorman.  The theme of the meetings was “Bold Grace.”  We taught from the Bible about having boldness (as the early Christians did) in our prayers, in evangelism, in our stand for truth, and in the face of persecution.  I will give you a fuller report next time on the whole Victory Conference because we are still in it.  Pray for me today.  I spoke Wednesday morning on cultural relevance, and will preach Thursday night about spiritual leadership.  What wonderful weeks these have been!

In March I am set to preach at the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Holland, Michigan, on the fourth; at the Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church near Burt Lake in Michigan, on the eleventh; to teach on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology) at the CoBeAc Baptist Bible Institute (at Camp CoBeAc), March 12-15; to host a pastors’ prayer gathering at Camp CoBeAc on the thirteenth (in connection with the Michigan Revival Conference events happening this year); to preach in a revival campaign at the Emmanuel Baptist Church of Valparaiso, Indiana, March 18-23; to preach in a revival campaign at the Mukwonago Baptist Church in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, March 25-28; and to speak for the annual Monroe Parker Lectures at the Baptist College of Ministry on March 29.  Do remember to pray for us in the coming weeks, and for the people we have met in February.  Thank you so very much.


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